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Jul 21, 2010 02:37 PM

Perry's Steakhouse Austin

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  1. Went once, during restaurant week.. First off, props for offering a $15 restaurant week menu at lunch. Had the chopped salad, the pork chop, and the dessert trio. Supplemented with tuna tartare, calamari, escargot, and a couple bottles of wine (there were six or seven of us).

    The tuna tartare tasted like KC Masterpiece Lay's, which isn't inherently a bad thing, but not necessarily what I want tuna tartare to taste like. The escargot was garlicy butter deliciousness, and the calamari was calamari. The chopped salad was overdressed, but pleasant, something approximating a fresher version of the Mexican salad in a bag my mother used to feed me.

    The pork chops were enormous, but not the best I've had (hat tip to Houston's which probably brines theirs longer and leaves off the spice dust). Our server was completely amenable to subbing sides, which was really nice of him. While on the subject of service, our waiter was pretty excellent, present but not too present, and shockingly professional for Austin.

    I don't recall the dessert trio, but I was near comatose at the time. A quick look online tells me I had the following: vanilla bean crème brulée, Grand Marnier truffle, and praline cheesecake. It's hard to impress me with any of those desserts, but I'm still amazed at Perry's generosity in even offering dessert at that Restaurant Week pricepoint.

    The wine list, by the way, was goodish. Plenty of decent choices below $60 a bottle, with the usual heavy hitters over $100-- we opted for an Hermitage and some bubbles.

    The art deco interior is also really pleasant-- quiet, adequately spaced, and much more tasteful than I expected.

    Overall, I'd return.

    One other note: If you want copious Perry's reviews, I'd check OpenTable where there are hundreds.

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      One edit: By Hermitage, I meant CdP. Much as I wish I could afford the former, it's more often the latter.

    2. The pork chop....OMG. Friday the run a pork chop special (although its on the menu at regular price every day). It's seriously enough food for two (maybe three) people. The atmosphere is swanky, private gentleman's club---not stripper---old world money country club. I dub it masculine because with the dim lighting and dark woods it sure isn't a place where ladies who lunch would automatically choose. When I have a hankering for a huge portion of pork, I head to Perry's.

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        I had dinner there a few weeks back and it was great. Bone-in rib eye was outstanding and the pork chop was the best I've ever had! I splurged and had the Akashi strip steak and it was worth every penny. If you ever want to splurge on the best beef you will ever have, check out the Akashi. The ranch isn't that far from Texas. Crazy expensive, but so, so good.