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Jul 21, 2010 02:37 PM

Which weekday Indian buffet has the largest selection (and is still tasty)?


I was wondering which area Indian buffet has the largest weekday selection, especially of vegetarian items (though it doesn't have to be a veggie buffet) and/or more interesting meat items (goat, lamb) and is still high quality/tastes good? I've been to Haandi in Bethesda, and a bunch of the places in Woodley Park, and have thought the selection too narrow.

It can be anywhere in DC, NoVa, or Bethesda/Rockville. I hear Woodlands is good but I probably won't be making it to that part of Maryland anytime soon.

1222 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046

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  1. I don't know which buffet is the largest, but Minerva's is large. They have a lot of South Indian staples (dosa, idli, wada, rasam, sambar, dals, uthapam, pappadums, etc.), salad, pickles; as well as a goat or lamb curry, chicken, dessert. Preparation is above average. There are a few locations in NoVa and one in Rockville.

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      I will second Minerva and add a favorite location, the Fairfax one has a great selection of fresh food, and a wide variety of it. There are a lot of people visiting so the food doesn't stay on the steam table long. It even has Indian comfort food, which is Chinese Food cooked Indian style. It sounds odd but my friends from India say it really takes them back. Minerva is about 2 blocks east of 123 on 29/50 at 10364 Fairfax Blvd.

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            OK. I am intrigued by the love for Angheethi, but it is in Herndon? And, can this be true, in Leesburg? And none of its fans can actually spell its name correctly? I will definitely give it a try, but I get to Herndon about as often as I cross the water into DC or Maryland. Not often, and not by choice.


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              Correct on not spelling it right. I believe correct in the multiple and sort of odd locations. The one in Herndon is really outstanding. I've been to Minerva and Mayuri - which used to be the acclaimed location. Angeethi blew them out of the water. The one in Herndon has at least 5 different "stations" based on food type - one of which is manned full time by someone - at that one you get roti (or the like) and chickpeas warmed and cooked to taste.

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                Good Indian food is worth traveling for, and good Indian food that is less expensive is worth traveling further.
                It is funny but when I think Korean I think Annandale, when I think Vietnamese I think Eden Center, and when I think Thai I think Columbia Pike, maybe in a year when I think Indian I will think Herndon/Leesburg... ;-)

                Eden Center
                Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

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                  I think there is a relatively large Indian population in NW Fairfax County/Loudon County.

                  The Lotte in Chantilly has made a point of having a fairly large section of Indian food (including Indian sweets). I assume this is because there is a large number of potential customers in the vicinity.

                  On that note, my favorite large Indian buffet is Minerva. I love the Indian Chinese selection.

                  Delhi Club, in Clarendon, has a good lunch buffet. However, the selection, while good, is not that big, so it probably doesn't meet the OP's requirements.

                  Delhi Club
                  1135 N Highland St, Arlington, VA 22201

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                    There is an Angheethi in Bethesda now, on Woodmont. But I don't think it's nearly as good as the one in Herndon.

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                      One of the best Indian restaurants in NoVa is Rangoli, in South Riding's Market Square. (No buffet though, IIRC) And yes, there is a substantial Indian population in this area.

          2. I'm a big fan of Saravana Palace in Fairfax. Happens to be vegetarian, is delicious by any standard. Though the last time I went there, the food one one of the buffet tables wasn't quite hot (as in warm) enough. They bring masala dosas to the tables, and you serve your self for everything else.

            1. If you are looking for a Vegetarian buffet, Saravana in Fairfax is good
              And there is this new place Paradise in Herndon area which is pretty nice, not much of an ambience though.
              Also try Bollywood Bistro in Fairfax, it aint a buffet but the food is delicious