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Jul 21, 2010 02:20 PM

South Africa - Capetown along with Hout Bay, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, Montagu, Kynsna, Plettenberg Bay

Will be in South Africa on a wine tour in the fall, but there are some meals where we are on our own.

Looking for recommendations for the following places. Preferably quality over quantity as I think we're going to be eating well.

Hout Bay, Cape Town (Waterfront), Stellenbosch, Hermanus, Montagu, Kynsna, Plettenberg Bay

Thanks in advance!

Toronto, Canada

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  1. Hi John,

    Mimosa Lodge in Montagu has a wonderful restaurant. The restaurant is run by Swiss owner-chef Bernhard Hess, and has won numerous awards including the Blaison from Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs. The menu is a four course gourmet meal at R260 and there is also the option of wine & dine (R375) where you get a glass of wine with each course. The menu changes daily and only fresh and local produce are used. Definitely a must to visit when you are in Montagu.

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    1. re: Fida Hess

      Thanks Fida. I'll put it down for Montagu.

      1. re: DUH CAR

        La Colombe in Constantia and Bread & Wine near Franschhoek were both excellent. In Cape Town proper, really liked Jardine, the sausage at &Union (the steak sandwich was a bit tough), burgers at Royale, and Eastern Food Bazaar for the cheapness and decent Indian food.

        In Knysna I heard a lot about Ile de Pain but never made it there - may be worth looking into.

        1. re: lambretta76

          You'll go back one day (or two like we did) and have lunch there - twice!

          Fantastic breads and clean, natural food...and, IIRC, the owner was a TomCat baker.

    2. Hout Bay:

      Wild Woods - simple surroundings but good food with quality ingredients. A table on the terrace is best.
      Kitima - good Asian food
      Chapmans Peak hotel - renowned for its calamari and very popular but service can be patchy

      Cape Town Waterfront - not actually the best restaurants just lots of them!

      Cape Town - Jardine, Bizerca Bistro, Aubergine, are the best but there are others.

      Constantia wine Valley - La Colombe, Steenberg, Buitenverwachting are all very good

      Stellenbosch - Rust en Vrede (the absolute tops), Jardine at Jordan, Overture, Terroir, Christophe's. Here is a useful link for you:

      you are spoilt for choice!

      Hermanus - Marine Hotel, Burgundy ( and at Stanford Mariana's is the best in the area


      Knysna - Ille de Pain and if you want upscale then Zachary's at Pezula Hotel

      Plett doesn't have great places- the restaurant at The Plettenberg Hotel is probably the best.

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        1. re: DUH CAR

          Add to this list:

          Bukhara (Indian tandoori) in Stellenbosch.
          Olympia Cafe - Kalk Bay

          Slam dunks!

          1. re: Mike R.

            Hermanus has one of the best steakhouses in South Africa - B's Steakhouse - worth a visit.

            Also Milkwood resturant on the beach at Onrus (just outside the town) excellent for fresh seafood.

            In the new harbour go to Quayside for wonderful calamari. - they serve other seafood too. Ideal for lunch and prices are so reasonable..

            Meditterea in town (dinner) is excellent and a specially discounted menu during the winter months. I don't rate Burgundy.

            For a glass of wine/ beer go to Bientangs Cave which is on the seaside. Nice venue when the tide is high. Don't eat there though go over the way to Meditterea.

            At Stanford Mariana's (as noted) above is excellent for South African cuisine.
            Good lunch venue.

            Stellenbosch - Rust en Vrede and Terroir but many others are rated too.

            Franschoek - Worth while visiting in the winelands - many good restaurants here - I have not visited recently so will leave it to other Chow members to advise you.

            Cape Town - Constantia - Buitenverwachting and La Colombe .. These are on wine estates so an ideal lunch venue with pre-lunch wine tasting.

            Cape Town - town - Jardine, Aubergine and Ginja are all excellent.
            Avoid the Waterfront restaurants.

            1. re: Mistral

              Thanks Mistral. Surely there has to be at least one good resto at the Waterfront?

              1. re: DUH CAR

                Well I try not to eat there...

                Balducci's Italian is about the best - it is where I eat when I am shopping in the malls.

      1. We are halfway through a 2 week SA tour. In Cape Town, we enjoyed Jardine, even though we were there on a Monday night, the sommelier was off and there were holes/substitutions in the tasting menu due to ingredient shortages. They gave us fair warning, and the service was knowledgeable. I loved the presentations, the final (beef) course on a hot
        eucalpytus platter was almost kaseki.

        We also had a surprisingly good meal at our hotel, 15 on Orange. I was apprehensive because the menu appeared to be something-from-everywhere, and this dining room itself is in the lobby. But the service was kind, the plates were fine, and the tarte tatinin was a buttery crunchy delight.

        Are there good restaurants at the waterfront? Hmmm. We had an acceptable lunch at Anker ( the beer was the best part) and a dreadful dinner at Baia. So, I would say yes if it is a question of convenience and/or survival.

        Now in Franschoek, looking forward to Tasting Room tonight and Ruebens tomorrow. Le Qaurtier Francais has a new casual "grazing" format cafe called Common Ground. Interesting, but I don't need to do it twice. Bread and Wine is charming.