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Jul 21, 2010 02:01 PM

Cheating with curry tonight-veggie question

Hello All,

I picked up a jar of Madras Curry simmer sauce at WF and intend to doctor it into a veggie curry tonight since I don't have time to cook from scratch. Here are the additions I am thinking of for the sauce:
Sweet Potato
Fresh Spinach
Frozen Peas
Frozen Green Beans

My question pertains to the two frozen ingredients; should I pre-cook via steaming before adding to the simmer sauce or just add them directly to the sauce frozen?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I believe in cheating wholeheartedly. Otherwise, what's the point? I'd get that sauce simmering first (and you may need to add some broth or coconut milk to accommodate your quanty of veggies), then add the sweet potatoes, since they'll take the longest, depending on how small you've cut them. Then the green beans, then the peas, then the chickpeas (assuming canned here), and finally, the spinach. I must add that I sincerely hope you did not buy Patak's brand of sauce. Never had a good meal with those.

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      Thanks for the protocol on adding ingredients, it's greatly appreciated.
      The sauce is made by "Seeds of Change," I picked it up at WF the other night and it says spicy so I have my fingers crossed it will be (having eaten traditional home-cooked Indian food for a number of years gave me a different sense of spice). For thinning I will use V8 since I have no broth on hand and the tomato flavor should preserve some of the curry.