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Hatch Green Chile

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Does anyone know where I can get New Mexico Hatch green chile in San Diego?

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      Produce dude at Bristol said they're supposed to get them first week in Aug and they'll probably do a day or two of roasting, but no set date yet. If you find them before then please post back. Thanks.

    2. I get them at Costco on Morena. They come in a bigger can but you can freeze the portion you don't use.

      1. The chile vendor at the Little Italy Farmer's market usually has them. Also, a number fo the grocery stores in Chula Vista will have roasters outside during harvest roasting chiles, usually more towards the Fall than right now.

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          Richie's Roasted Peppers, the chile vendor at the Little Italy Mercado, is taking orders as of this morning. $85 for a 30 lb bag, although smaller quantities are also available. He'll offer three varieties:

          New Mexico Big Jim (medium heat), Sandia (hot), Barker's (extra hot)

          There's a small window of time for ordering, so get on it if you're interested.

          (For comparison, Albertson's will be charging $33 for 30 lbs. Are these the same chiles?)

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            The chilies are not expensive. Albertson's has a more efficient transportation network. There is no Chino Farms in Hatch.

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              Would you happen to have a contact# or email address for placing orders, Richie’s Roasted Peppers.

              Thank you in advance.


              1. re: Jimphillips

                According to the Fall 2008 issue of Edible San Diego (http://bit.ly/by9EaH):

                Richies Roasted Peppers
                619 204.6163

          2. Canned also at Whole Paycheck. Harvest season usually begins in August after they have soaked up the summer sun and lasts until the first frost. The actual Harvest festival in New Mexico is Labor Day weekend. I expect to see fresh Hatch in San Diego in that window. Besides the vendor at the Little Italy Mercato, I believe Whole Paycheck in Hillcrest also has weekend roasting events.

            1. Maybe off topic, but Albertson's is advertising a Hatch chili roasting at some of their stores. The only location in San Diego that is doing so is a Chula Vista store, with a 30 lb sack for sale (Yikes!) on August 7.


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                That's it. We did it last year. It took about three hours of seeding, de-veining and peeling but got them all bagged up in small portions and into the freezer. Quite a few people were splitting bags while some people were buying 2 or 3 sacks. They ran out of all but the super hot ones pretty early.

              2. Whole Foods in LJ had fresh ones last summer/fall, haven't seen them yet this year, probably too early.

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                  Whole Foods in LJ has had them for the last 2-3 wks.

                2. By mail from New Mexico at www.hatchnmgreenchile.com. The festival happens Labor Day weekend and the harvest can start any time now. As other people have noted there will be several markets selling and roasting. Albertsons in CV did it last year.

                  1. while it is not fresh roasted, Albertson"s carries Bueno frozen autumn roast in hot. They also carry red and green in mild and hot. I make frequent trips back to Abq and usually come back with frozen green chile from the Frontier. But of course nothing beats fresh roasted for taste and smell.

                    Just got back from a trip this week and brought back some Mary and Tito's ground red chile. It is sooooo flavorful.

                    1. Fresh Hatch Chile are in at Bristol Farms, $2.49/lb.

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                      1. re: foodiechick

                        Yes! Thanks Foodiechick. I forgot all about the hatch chilies. Going to get me some. Just called and they also have freshly roasted, but I think you have to buy 30 lbs.

                        1. re: Island


                          The roasting schedule for Bristol Farms. No mention of a minimum.

                          1. re: Cathy

                            If you miss the roasting event, and don't feel up to DIY they also sell it roasted (medium or hot) for $6.49 - 1 pound packages in air-suctioned, sealed, heavy plastic bags. Ready to pop in the freezer.

                      2. Check with Whole Foods in Hillcrest. They had a flyer that they will be roasting them on site.

                        1. Wow, i am so fortunate to live in New Mexico. After reading some of these posts and learning that a sack of Hatch green chile can cost $85 there, holy cow, we pay around $16-$25 a sack roasted here in NM. There are several sites online that ship Hatch green chile..here's one. It's sure is addictive--the best chile around!! http://hatchnmgreenchile.com/ Or you can always take a trip to NM and go to the festival: http://www.hatchchilefest.com/2010_ev...

                          1. Fresh and packaged already roasted chiles at Bristol Farms today.
                            $3.99/lb for fresh and $6.99/lb for the roasted/packaged

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                              Bumping to add info: Bristol Farms La Jolla will not be having roasted Hatch chiles this year. Pasadena is the nearest store that will have them, apparently. They still have them raw, as does Whole Foods.

                            2. For 2011, the Albertsons in Chula Vista, on September 3 $35 for 30 lbs. At the bottom of the ad.


                                1. re: Cathy

                                  That time of year again. Thanks for the reminder!

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                                    Apparently there are four varieties (NM 6-4, Big Jim, Sandia and Lumbre) with increasing heat levels and the ones sold in the Santee Albertsons are either the hot or the extra hot variety.

                                    The flavor got hotter after the ones we roasted were in the fridge overnight. They were a pretty potent hot right after roasting and peeling. Fingertip glowing hot...

                                  2. re: Cathy

                                    Whole Foods La Jolla has them - mostly the extra hot variety. They're also selling pre-roasted chillies and a Hatch chili -tomatillo salsa, all displayed in the front of the store. Can't remember the price...

                                  3. Am I the only one that can't tell the difference between Hatch chiles and Willcox chiles or California or Mexican chiles? I grew up in chile country- for years the Hatch chiles were too hot to eat- they've since ratcheted them down so you can choose your heat, but fresh chiles roasting being the best smell on earth, I couldn't tell the difference in a blind taste test, as long as they're ready (as in just before they start to turn color) and fresh.