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Jul 21, 2010 01:35 PM

Guatemalan food in Chino Hills area?

My friend is looking for a place to get Guatemalan food for her mom's surpise party, but she was wondering if there are any places in the Chino Hills area. We know about Guatamalteca in LA and I have searched CH for others and they all seem to be in LA area. Does anyone have any recs? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Is this place any more geograpically convenient than the one you know about?

    Tikal Guatemala Restaurant
    1002 East 17th Street
    Santa Ana, CA 92701-2501
    (714) 973-8547‎

    Tikal Guatemala Restaurant
    1002 E 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

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      I don't know, Servorg, but I am going to forward her all the recs and she can do with them what she will. Thank you so much!! I have not heard of this one - is it good? Thanks again!!

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        One visit (and I'm not a Guatemalan food maven by any stretch of the imagination) and I thought it was quite good. Maybe one of our resident OC experts will weigh in with a more definitive analysis.

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            I think this is the right menu (but for whatever reason this looks like the wrong address) for Tikal:

    2. Hi WildSwede!

      Tikal is a small, family owned place that dishes up some very good, authentic, basic Guatemalan fare. It is part restaurant, part market and very casual. It moved from its original South Main location to its current one years ago. The previous location was very humble, the new a lot better.

      Based on a recommendation, I went for the caldo de pata on my first visit (at the old place), which was excellent. I’ve since enjoyed the revolcado (pork cabeza), tamals de chipilin (a native green vegetable) and the empanadas de ayote (squash), all quite tasty. They also make up some great handmade tortillas.

      It’s been almost a year since my last visit. Might be time to hit them up again. I know of no Guatemalan venues in the Chino Hills, SGV or Inland Empire vicinity. I think Tikal is the only one in OC. My source for Tikal tells me that Rinconcito Guatemalteco in LA is THE place to go. Their menu is larger and includes more upscale offerings. I have not been there yet, however.

      Tikal Guatemala Restaurant
      1002 E. 17th St.
      Santa Ana, CA
      (714) 973-8547

      Rinconcito Guatemalteco
      501 N. Western Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA
      (323) 463-6602

      Tikal Guatemala Restaurant
      1002 E 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

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        Thank you, degustateur! I cannot wait for the party since usually the birthday girl makes all the Guatemalan food herself whenever she has a party and they are not that often!! I will let my friend know what you said. Thank you so much again!! I will have to try them both myself!!

      2. The original comment has been removed