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Jul 21, 2010 01:27 PM

Sunday Dinners/Square Meals

Hi Fellow Chowhounders: I'm interested in folks' ideas about what constitutes a proper Sunday dinner. I think it's one of those "give-away" questions: the answers will reveal more about who we are and where we come from. My own perfect Sunday dinner is Herb-roasted chicken, roasted-garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, a stuffing made w/ fresh sage, apples and nuts, some sort of chutney, well-cooked veggies, and cherry pie. Yep, I'm a California girl by way of the Midwest, and my menu proves it! What about you?

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  1. Sunday dinners at my house have always been either non-existent or super simple due to the fact that our largest meal of the week is Sunday lunch. Come dinner-time, everyone is still full from the 2-3 hour lunch they sat through.
    My personal preference for that occasion is a BLT on 12 grain bread with thick cut bacon, sun dried tomatoes, and arugula, smeared with the most spicy mustard I have in the fridge. It's the perfect snack, not too filling, but just enough to hold you over to the next day.

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      where I am from Sunday Dinner is lunch....breakfast , dinner, supper...ya know...The
      Any way fried chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans or collards, creamed corn, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes,biscuits AND cornbread.

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        Yes, your definition. Lunch became dinner on Sundays, after church. We don't do it anymore but for my family it was usually fried chicken, ham or roast beef. You had biscuits AND cornbread. Wow.

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          When I was a kid we would go to my uncles farm an hour north of Houston. After a little hunting or fishing, it was always fried chicken. The chicken was still wallking around in the morning, and on the plate in the afternoon, truly free range before the term had been invented. I don't remember the sides but that chicken was the best ever.

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          Oh, sorry for the confusion!
          In that case, Sunday dinner still consists of usually a pasta course (sometimes fresh pasta made by my sister), a braise or stew of some sort (either rabbit, phesant, deer, duck, or maybe even roast beef), at least 3-4 vegetable sides, and usually polenta.
          This is almost always followed by a homemade dessert also courtesy of my sister.

      2. for many of us who grew up in suburban East Coast Jewish homes, the "traditional" Sunday dinner was pizza or Chinese takeout. it blew my mind the first time my college roommate invited me to her parent's house for Sunday supper in Atlanta...the meal was very much like the one Lala described, and of course we were pretty much eating dinner in the afternoon. the food was terrific, but there was just so MUCH of it...and i wasn't crazy about eating so early.

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          When I was a kid: roast ham, potatoes Romanoff, green veg or corn on the cob and rhubarb or lemon meringue pie for dessert (depending on season, made by mum of course).

          Now that I cook myself, it could be just about anything but prolly not particularly "special" -- I might push the boat out a little further 'cause I have more time to prep on the w'end but that's about it.

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            Sundays for me is always Chinese takeout when I am at my place. When I am at Dad's house we always go out to dinner (because his reasoning is the restaurants aren't as jam-packed as they are Fri and Sat)...nice to have some things stay the same.

          2. Growing up in an Italian household , Sunday was usually something with red sauce or a roast beef or pork with the usual trimings, potatoes, green vegetable. We would have dinner around 1 in the afternoon, then take a nap and have a small snack in the evening.

            1. Sunday was almost always my dad grilling and my mom doing side dishes. Even if it was raining or 20 below zero - unless he was sick, he grilled.

              1. Growing up we had "Sunday night rules," which was my mother's way of getting rid of leftovers. We ate the meal at the table as a family, but what each person put on their plate was a free for all, if it was in the house it was fair game. My usually Sunday dinner was cereal.