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Jul 21, 2010 12:55 PM

Authentic Chinese Food in PDX

Going on a family trip to Portland from San Francisco. Parents are very traditional Chinese (from Hong Kong).
Recommendations for good, authentic Chinese food? (remembering that it will most likely be judged according to San Francisco and Hong Kong standards, haha)

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  1. IMO best place in town is Ocean City. Really good dim sum, good dinners - in your situation, I would call ahead and plan the meal out with them...

    And really, the best in Portland is nowhere near as good as any I have had in NYC (where I am from), Toronto, Chicago and simply won't measure up, so you might want to warn them of that...

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      I mean, they have lived here for 20 years, I'd just rather skip the bad stuff, you know? haha

    2. Absolute best Chinese food in the Portland area although its a short drive away. Friends from the east coast have compared it to restaurants in New York

      Hunan Pearl Restaurants
      15160 Bangy Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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        ellenvw424 - This sounds great. Looked at their menu and DH and I will have to try this out. Looks delish!

      2. I took my HK-raised folks to POK-POK. They loved it. Even though my mother doesn't like spicy foods - we carefully ordered around the menu. It was "asian" but not "fusion" and different enough from from traditional Chinese / Cantonese food to avoid too many direct comparisons. We all grumbled, however, that rice had to be ordered separately. :)

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          PokPok is NOT Chinese, MyNextMeal. It's a Thai restaurant. Thai food to Chinese is like comparing Russian food to American food.

        2. Wong's King, OM seafood, Powell's seafood, Ocean city are all pretty good in general.
          Wong's King is the most upscale place of those.

          Wong's King
          38776 Proctor Blvd, Sandy, OR 97055

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          1. re: HungFarLow

            How about the Wong's King on SE Division and 88th?

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              Reading a really old thread and saw your "name" and it brought back old memories of late night suppers at Hung Far Low, across from the police station! Is it still there? I loved their pan fried noodles. In those days, we usually ate at Republic Cafe, but what I remember and miss now is pressed duck. Does anyone in pdx still make it? It's something I crave, and haven't tasted it in years. Sorry to change the subject!

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                Are you talking about the place on the corner of 82nd and Division? I have always been scared to go in there.

              2. re: HungFarLow

                The salt and pepper squid at Om Seafood is divine.

              3. That is a tough one. I think the best Chinese/Cantonese in Portland will most likely disappoint your parents. My parents are from Malaysia and have lived in HK for a decade -- and I wouldn't take them to any Chinese restaurant in Portland. This is not a slight on Portland - it is just that good Cantonese food is very hard to find in the US.

                Instead, I would take them to other Asian restaurants - Pho An Sandy for great pho (beef soup noodles), Pok Pok for excellent Thai food.

                I'm curious to try Hunan Pearl to see how it compares. I've tried a few of the restaurants mentioned in this thread and they don't quite measure up. When I'm in need of Chinese food fix, I sometimes head over to Good Taste in Old Chinatown for their wonton noodles. Their char siu and roast pork is pretty good. Haven't tried anything else on their menu though.

                Good luck!

                Pok Pok
                3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

                Pho An Sandy
                6236 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213

                Hunan Pearl Restaurants
                15160 Bangy Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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                  I have yet to try either Hunan Pearl or Good Taste, but my favorite place if I'm craving Chinese is Kenny's Noodle house, because it's very basic. I am particularly keen on their ginger/scallion noodles (a little on the salty side though) and especially of the fish and pumkin congee/jook. Their beef broth is good as well, but a bit too salty for me. They also make their you tiao fresh so it comes out hot whenever I order it. Most of this stuff, I can make myself but I really do like their congee, so once in awhile I spoil myself when I'm in the area for food shopping. I'm curious to hear what you think/thought of them.

                  Other than that, I don't really know of anywhere in Portland and haven't had many places recommended to me, so I usually just make a trek up to Vancouver (I usually live in Seattle area, Portland is for family) or eat at one of my neighborhood places in Seattle.

                  Question for the board: Is Hunan Pearl actually Hunan cuisine? I haven't had it since I left China, so I would be curious to try it based on that alone.

                  Hunan Pearl Restaurants
                  15160 Bangy Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

                  1. re: starshinesMonet

                    starshines, thanks for the tip! Kenny's has been on my list for a while, but I haven't made the time to get out there and try it - will do so soon! Haven't tried Hunan Pearl curious to know more about the place as well!

                    Another stellar Asian place comes to mind: HA V&L. This Vietnamese place is SO good! They make two different types of soup noodles everyday and usually sell out by 10:30am on the weekends. It's a little more chill on weekdays - great spot for an early lunch. No MSG at all - their soup noodles remind me of South East Asia!

                    Hunan Pearl Restaurants
                    15160 Bangy Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035