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Jul 21, 2010 12:52 PM

Must see foodie stops?

I'm a grad student planning a trip up to Portland from San Francisco in August (with parents and sibling.)
Any major foodie places that I just MUST see/eat at/visit?
Would prefer places that don't require dressing up and reservations. Love hole-in-the-wall places, quintessentially local places, markets, farmers markets and the like.

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  1. Saturday PSU farmers' market, weekday lunch at our downtown food carts, evening / weekend meals at our neighborhood food cart pods like Cartopia or Mississippi Marketplace, etc... (


    I'm not too familiar with our better restaurants myself, but there seems to be a general consensus on many of them scattered around the board.

    1. Breakfast or lunch @ Bunk sandwiches. Koi Fusion cart (roaming.....) the Sugar Cube cart @ Mississippi Marketplace..Tasty & Sons on N Williams.
      Actually, Portland has many good breakfasts...Screen Door is a fave, but the lines are long.

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        You can't go wrong at Bunk's, Navarre is great fun. Lucky Strike has great stuff. Tin Shed is great if you like standing in line. All are hole in the wallish. Di Prima Dolci if you like cannoli,