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Jul 21, 2010 12:49 PM

Great Bruschetta Recipe?

I want to use up some of the heirloom tomatoes and basil I have in my garden. Does anyone have a favorite recipe they can share?

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  1. Bruschetta is your base, so you want to make a topping, I assume? All you need with the great ingredients that you have there is fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, evoo and s&p.

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    1. re: monavano

      Yes, you're absolutely correct. I was referring to the tomato based topping. Sorry.

    2. Well, I hesitate to call this a recipe, but all that's standing between you and fabulous bruschetta is a good crusty loaf. Slice said loaf, rub slices vigorously on both sides with cut garlic and brush each side with olive oil (well, I do both--you could do just one side).
      Grill bread slices (both sides) on outdoor grill or on grill pan indoors (lacking that, a hot skillet will do) until you have nice marks. While the bread is grilling, chop the tomatoes and slice the basil. When bread is grilled, heap tomatoes on ea. slice (on an oiled side). Sprinkle w/balsamic, salt, and pepper (a flake salt adds a nice crunch but isn't necessary, of course). Top w/basil. Voila.

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      1. re: nomadchowwoman

        To this I only want to add: use the best olive oil you can get. Bruschetta is something that really requires it. Personally, I'd skip the cheese. Why mess with perfect tomatoes?

        In the US people often refer to the topping as "bruschetta." But it actually refers to the entire preparation.

        1. re: visciole

          Yep, I think of bruschetta as grilled or toasted bread rubbed w/garlic and topped w/any manner of things. My favorite will probably always be the one the OP will be making, w/perfectly ripe fresh tomatoes and basil. The essence of summer . . . .

          But when fall and winter come 'round and good tomatoes are the stuff of fantasy, I like to make a topping of chopped wild mushrooms sauteed w/a little prosciutto or pancetta. Sprinkle w/parmigiano. You temporarily forget your tomato longings!

      2. Perhaps slow-roasting the tomatoes for a deeper flavor, like sun-dried tomatoes, would be something a bit different.

        And instead of mozzarella, a light ricotta cheese or a chevre cheese.

        1. We have a ton of tomatoes and basil in our garden as well, and I've probably made bruschetta four or five times in the last week. I don't have a recipe, as in exact amounts, but I can tell you how I prepare it.

          First, I peel my tomatoes. After seeding them, I chop them up. Along with the tomatoes, I add some really good olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, a bit of red onion, and at the very end a bunch of chopped basil. My SO likes it so much, she eats it with a spoon=)

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          1. re: marietinn

            You guys should take a look at this month's Cookbooks of the Month - Italian Easy and Italian Two Easy (recipes from the famed River Cafe in London). There are a ton of bruschetta recipes in these books and most look delicious! I haven't checked the COTM threads on this, but maybe some folks have posted about bruschetta.

            1. re: marietinn

              i do this -- but love the bite of fresh minced garlic in the mix, too.

              1. re: alkapal

                Holy crap, how could i have forgotten to say the garlic! What an oversight. I use a healthy dose of fresh garlic in addition to the other listed ingredients, thanks for reminding me alkapal!

            2. not bruschetta, but using a crusty loaf and fresh tomatoes: a catalan classic "pa' amb tomaquet" (sp?).

              sliced, toasted bread with olive oil, tomato rubbed on (down to the skin), then topped with a sardine and garrotxa cheese which is micro-planed over the whole piece of toast.

              i just saw it this morning on josé andrés' "made in spain" and it looked awesome.
              josé fans: check out these photos from his l.a. restaurant; they're gorgeous:

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              1. re: alkapal

                i have to reiterate, if i had tons of tomatoes from the garden, i'd make this andrés dish in a heartbeat! it looked like the essence of summer flavor.