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Jul 21, 2010 12:48 PM

Roadtrip restaurant/stop tips?

Taking a family vacation from the SF Bay Area up to Portland and Seattle on 5.
Any suggestions for places to stop along the way?
Looking for places like farm-stands, good farmers markets, good local food.

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  1. Rogue Valley Creamery in Central Point, OR (just north of Medford) is well worth a stop.

    There are several good places in Ashland and Talent. These recent posts should help with that.

    Between Portland and Seattle there is a nice Mexican place in Centralia that is worth a stop if you like Mexican.

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    1. re: PaqpIn

      Very intrigued by the Rogue Valley Creamery. Anything I need to try when I'm there?

    2. Bartel's for burgers on I 5, either in Corning at the west side , north exit, or across
      from the Water Park, north Redding, west side.
      At the Rogue Creamery, the cheddar curds are the find, as these don't make it far from the
      factory. Next door is Lillebelle Chocolates, made with fruits from their own orchards.
      Jasper's, my favorite hamburger place, is right down Hwy 99 a few blocks. Fresh ground meat, a variety of inventive toppings:
      Our farmers market is Tuesday in Ashland, Thursday in Medford, and Saturday in Downtown Ashland.
      In Albany, Novak's is my favorite roadstop between the Rogue Valley and Portland.

      and you can use this guide on your trip:

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      1. re: bbqboy

        We were just at Rogue Creamery this past Sun. All of the Bleu Cheese here is amazing, I especially love the Oregonzola and the Crater Lake Blue. :)