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Jul 21, 2010 11:59 AM


Will be travelling from Helena to Whitefish, where we will spend about 1 week.

Looking for the very best of:

1) Breakfast Joints...really want "greasy spoon" type "big" breakfast spots...Great omlets and shreddied hashbrowns-type places.

2) Pizza....Love NY style best.

3) Steak Houses....again...the "joints" are the best. Nothing fancy...just great steaks and cold beer.

4) Hamburger Joints.

5) Other "great" restaurants that you favor.

Thanks so much for your help Montanans (and others)!


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  1. It has been about 3 years, but just outside the East gate of Glacier National Park (leading to the Going to the Sun Road) is a great breakfast joint. Get the Mountain Potatoes--enough carbs to hike for days! Unfortunately, i can't remember the name, but you can't miss it. there is nothing else there. Good luck!

    1. Norm's News for good burgers and The Knead Cafe for breakfast or lunch in Kalispell. cheffy's in Whitefish for steaks and good food.

      Norm's News @ 34 Main St., Kalispell, MT 406 - 755 - 5500.
      The Knead Cafe @ 25 2nd Avenue W., Kalispell, MT 406 - 755 - 7510.
      Cheffy's @ 2635 U.S. 93, Whitefish, MT 406 - 730 - 1006.

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        Lots of hype, minimal delivery. Try McGarry's, they serve prime meats and couldn't be nicer

      2. Moose's Saloon on the main drag in Kalispel (Hwy 93) for some really great pizza. It's on the east side of the road. Parking in the back. I haven't really eaten at any other outstanding places in the Flathead Lake area.

        Moose's Saloon
        173 N Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901

        1. Does that mean you'll be looking for a great breakfast place in Helena itself? If so, try No Sweat Cafe which we reviewed in our Helena MT Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM at this link:

          The blueberry pancakes that have cornmeal in the recipe were a big hit.

          No Sweat Cafe
          427 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601

          1. I agree with @aledm: if you are eating breakfast in Helena, then the No Sweat Cafe is your best option. It's located downtown on Last Chance Gulch.

            As for lunch/dinner: If you are ok with a short drive (about 20-30 minutes from Whitefish), there is a great place in Columbia Falls called, "The Back Room." They serve a little of everything, but their chicken and ribs are most people's favorites. I recommend the country ribs, which come with baked beans, cole slaw, baby red potatoes and a HUGE piece of fry bread. The portions are large and the price is right. located:
            522 9th Street West
            Columbia Falls, MT 59912
            (406) 892-3131
            It's in the back of another restaurant called the Nite Owl.

            No Sweat Cafe
            427 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601

            Nite Owl Restaurant
            Highway 2 E, Columbia Falls, MT 59912

            Back Room Restaurant
            , Columbia Falls, MT 59912

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            1. re: MTwineo

              We are heading to Whitefish on Sunday from Lake Louise on the way back to the East coast.
              We haven't been in Whitefish for a couple of years but in the past the place not to be missed for breakfast is the Buffalo Cafe. Highly recommend the omelet with cheese and chorizo -- amazingly good and not greasy. Get the coffee in a bodum.
              Word of advice -- had a truly regrettable experience a while back after driving up from Sun Valley and arriving at 2 pm -- do not show up at 2 pm. -- the owner or manager's wife is exceedingly disgruntled and does not want to be associated with the cafe and closes at or before 2 pm.

              Word of advice

              1. re: MTwineo

                just for the record i worked for these people for 2 years and the owners are not good people at all and treat their employess like crap!!!

                1. re: MTwineo

                  i meant the nite owl/ back room they were awful to me and i am a good employee no joke they just were npot nice people especially jana. and the waitstaff sued the owners so that they did not have to tip out the kitchen so your kitchen staff is not receiving a single cent for that "delicious" food although they are not being paid any better. food is decent but after my experience as an employee i will NEVER recommend this place to anyone!!!!!