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Jul 21, 2010 11:50 AM

wheres the food at in DC?

i just moved from LA and i grew up east of LA when i was a kid, but honestly where is the food at in DC? are there any privately owned burger places. i been to five guys back in CA so just looking for something new. also 24 hour things? mainly im looking for places to eat that arent restaurants with waiters and all that. any place real unique to dc. i been to bens but its like tommys back home so it wasnt the new experience i wanted.

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  1. I highly recommend that you read this board and search since your request is so broad.

    Some links to get you started:

    1. It is much easier to find good restaurants with waiters and all that. It would help if you'd say what neighborhood/suburb you're in.

      1. Never a waiter:

        In the same neighborhood as Ben's is Oohhs and Aahhs, a coastal carolina soul food joint. 4 stools in front of a tiny kitchen. Not as cheap as it looks. Go for the grilled shrimp, the broiled crabcake and the lemon pepper wings. Greens ans rice with gravy as sides.

        Pimento Grill, East of the River, has great oxtail brown stew and chicken curry. Cabbage adn rice with peas fpr sides. Jamaican place. They also make great drinks like carrot lime juice.

        Taqueria El Charrito Caminante in Arlington for the goat tacos.

        In Falls Church, Song Que in Eden Center for great Banh Mi, and they have seats to eat in.

        Order at the counter at Joes' Noodle House in Rockville. Wontons in red hot sauce.

        Good Stuff Eatery for the toasted marshmallow milkshake. The sunnyside burger - with egg and bacon - is very good.

        That should get you started.

        Eden Center
        Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

        El Charrito Caminante
        2710 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

        Good Stuff Eatery
        303 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC

        Pimento Grill Restaurant
        4405 Bowen Rd SE, Washington, DC 20019

        1. Theres a 24-hr, hole in the wall, but extremely yummy, kabob joint, Kabob Palace.

          Kabob Palace
          2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

          Kabob Palace
          2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

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          1. re: mymomisthebestcook

            For locally owned burger joints, Urban Burger MD and Ray's Hell Burger in VA.

            Ray's Hell Burger
            1713 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209

          2. I know what you mean. LA has about four non-chain burger joints per block and an equal number of donut shops and taquerias. Lots of decent diners and places like Hoff's Hut that are informal, but have good food. Well, this ain't LA. Welcome to DC. Inside the Beltway, it's $12 burgers, $20 breakfasts, $10 drafts. There are a few here, but you gotta dig for 'em.