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Sick of gazpacho - need some new chilled soup ideas

Any good recipes out there for refreshing chilled soup? I'm thinking melon, cucumber, or maybe even stone fruit of some sort. Would love your thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. Oi naengguk - Cucumber Soup
    (오이 냉국)


    1 each medium Cucumber (about 1 1/2 cups - 7 ounces)
    3 each cloves garlic
    1 each medium green onion
    1 each green chili pepper
    1 each red hot chili pepper
    6 each ice cubes

    1 1/2 tablespoon vinegar
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon fish sauce
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1 1/2 cup cold water


    Wash cucumber in cold water.
    Slice the cucumber in half crosswise, then thin slice (about 1/8" thick) each half lengthwise.
    Cut slices lengthwise into "noodles" about 1/8" thick. (Julienne)
    Place cucumber strips into a medium mixing bowl.
    Mince, fine chop, or thin slice the garlic cloves and add to the bowl.
    Cut the green chili pepper into thin slivers and add to the bowl.
    Cut the green onion into roughly 1/4 inch segments and add to the bowl.
    Gently toss the contents of the bowl until well mixed.

    Mix Broth
    In a separate bowl, mix all broth ingredients until sugar and salt are dissolved.

    Separate the cucumber mix into two equal portions and place into serving bowls.
    Fine chop the red chili pepper.
    Pour one half of the broth over each serving.
    Sprinkle red pepper into each bowl, add ice cubes, and serve.

    Mix the broth before prepping the vegetables. Pour broth into an ice tray and freeze.
    Add one additional cucumber, then slice both in half lengthwise. Remove the pulpy seed area and reserve it, then julienne as above.
    Prep vegetables as above and divide into serving bowls.
    Place the frozen broth cubes into a strong blender, add one or two tablespoons water, and blend into slush.
    Mix the cucumber pulp into the slush.
    Spoon the slush equally into the serving bowls, sprinkle with chopped red pepper, and serve.

    Substitute Japanese eggplant or fresh zucchini for the cucumber.
    Add Kombu to cucumber.

    1. What about ajo blanco?
      I had a a decent pineapple soup once (similar to gazpacho).

      1. Cucumber-Avocado Soup

        1 English cucumber, peeled, seeded or not, cut into chunks
        1 avocado, peeled, cut into chunks
        1/4 to 1/2 onion, peeled and chunked

        Put first 3 ingredients into food processor or blender adding buttermilk (leftover frozen, thawed, or cut into chunks if still frozen, is fine) to get desired texture. Salt and pepper to taste, adding cumin, cayenne, or whatever else appeals, even grinding in a jalapeno pepper.


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          I make a similar soup. I use yogurt in place of buttermilk and include green onion and jalepeno or hot sauce.

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            I'm also making a version of that for a party next month. With Thai curry paste, lime & coconut milk. Served in shooters.

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              A little wasabi is good added to that soup also.

            2. There's classic vichyssoise (leek and potato) or the low-carb version (leek and cauliflower), both delicious. Long ago someone taught me that if you simmer cauliflower in lowfat or nonfat milk instead of chicken broth it tastes more cauliflowery, which is nice in chilled soup. Chopped chives on top are really nice.

              1. In Paris, I had a sublime chilled cantaloupe soup..the chef told me it was fruit, a little creme, splash of lemon juice and salt and pepper and then pureed.
                I love to make chilled cucumber, avocado, watermelon with feta gazpacho.
                Nectarine soup sounds really good but have never tried to make that.

                1. Any fruit or melon, pureed with either yogurt or lemon-lime soda allowed to go flat.
                  Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, fresh (not ground) ginger, Garam Masala, and/or a little salt & white pepper in whatever combination turns you on. A bit or real lemon or lime juice never hurts.

                  1. I like cucumber cilantro - cook onion and garlic in chicken stock, add diced cucmbers for a few minutes. Turn off the heat and add fresh cilantro and lime juice and salt. Cook, puree and strain (if you want). Add a bit of yoghurt before serving.

                    Avocado is nice as well - chicken stock, lime juice, avocado, a bit of garlic and some salt and cumin. I like it nice and thick and creamy, with about an equal part avocado and stock.

                    Vichyssoise - chilled potato and leek soup.

                    1. I just made this Peach Soup with Ceviche and it was super easy and delicious - sweet and spicy:


                      1. My wife made both cold cucumber soup and chilled borscht (with a yogurt float) earlier this week. Both were welcome during a heat wave.

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                          Don, and will remain welcome as the heatwave continues, no? ;)

                          Here's a favorite COOL soups thread from last year:

                          And here's a recipe I've been meaning to try, but haven't gotten around to yet--
                          Asparagus Vichyssoise with Mint from Bon Appétit:

                        2. I make a soup that is a honeydew pureed with a quart of melted lime sherbet. You can add a little mint and/or add a few melon balls when serving.

                          I also made the watermelon cucumber gazpacho from Epicurious last week...I would probably add less mint and more jalapenos next time but it was a fun switch up from the usual tomato based stuff.


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                              Although this isn't quite a soup, I made this salad recently, and it is very refreshing. You could probably make it into a soup with some yogurt or buttermilk and a quick whirl in a blender.

                              half a honeydew melon, roughly chopped
                              4-5 tomatillos, roughly chopped
                              2 T. chopped cilantro
                              2 finely chopped jalapenos

                              Dress this with olive oil, white vinegar,salt, pepper, and cumin. I added pepitas for crunch. I found the sweet/tangy/heat combo quite appealing for a hot day, and mr. diva and I gobbled this up with curried chicken salad sandwiches.

                            2. Deborah Madison's spiced plum soup. I make mine with a healthy splash of gewurtz for some of the orange juice, and use sour cream or greek yogurt for the swirl. The cloves and cardamom and honey are what really make it pop. http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs...

                              1. There was a chilled corn soup on Top Chef that looked and sounded fabulous. Here's a rendition of it.


                                1. my idol hugh fearnley-whittingstall turned me on to borscht and pea and lovage soup:

                                  and here's his cucumber and lettuce vichysoisse plus two other cold soups:

                                  it takes a few tries to make decent dashi but if you're comfortable preparing this japanese broth, you can make hiyashi chuka (cold ramen). it's an excellent hot summer day soup and there's a great thread on it here:

                                  1. I'm not a fan of traditional gazpacho at all, so I resisted chilled soups for far too long. didn't know what I was missing... especially here in the South, where a bowl of chilled soup is so refreshing.

                                    I have served a very tasty chilled rhubarb soup recently from Mark Bittman. It was pretty sweet, almost like a dessert, but good nonetheless. I added a bit of black pepper atop the mascarpone for garnish. Here is an article that lists the recipe, as well as a few of his other chilled soups (avocado, watermelon-rosemary).


                                    I also spotted a container of an interesting-looking chilled soup in Whole Foods yesterday. It was cucumber-pineapple. Might be worth attempting to replicate.

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                                      I tried Bittman's avocado!

                                      It seriously took me 10 minutes, tops (and I am not a fast cook at all). So pure and simple -- just avocado, milk, lime or orange juice, salt, and chili powder, all in a blender/processor. It came out very creamy but not too thick, and I used 2% milk. I didn't have limes so I used some orange juice, which turned out better than I expected, but I think I'll opt for lime next time.

                                      Anyway, if you're looking for something super low-maintenance (which I always am during the hot months), you may want to give this a shot. It was very smooth and so refreshing after chilling for a few hours.

                                    2. I'm on the lookout for a watermelon gazpacho recipe WITHOUT tomatoes. Any suggestions?

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                                        I just used this recipe from "Raw Food, Real World" and it was delicious! Just omit the tomatoes, the recipe will not suffer!

                                      2. This Fire n Ice Soup is on my to-make list SOON--all about the contrasts, don'tchaknow--fresh, minted pea soup with a hot tomato ice cube. NOM!

                                        1. I've read all responses here - all very good ones! Fact is, any vegetable soup, preferably a puree, will work for you as a cold soup. You can do a chilled butternut squash puree or a cauliflower apple puree, potato leek, zucchini mint, or how about nice chilled melon soup like peach ginger?

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                                            I've been making a melon and tomato with fresh basil chilled soup. You add some crispy proscutto as a garnish on top and it's meant to be a take on melon and proscutto. I've served it a few times now and everyone loves it. I didn't think the flavours would work but it really is nice. It's best the next day, which allows the flavors to blend.

                                          2. I used to get tired of gazpacho until I Blended the soup ingredients! No chunky veggies in water for me.

                                            I'm eager to try ajo blanco, this looks like a representative recipe: http://spanish-food.suite101.com/arti...

                                            What't driving me crazy is trying to find the (Bulgarian?) cucumber-yogurt soup recipe that I made once. I thought it was from one of the Frugal Gourmet books but no luck so far.
                                            Here's a couple that look close:

                                            1. I just made a cold beet soup that was very nice:


                                              Turns out that a 9x13 pan full of beets, covered, will roast perfectly on the top shelf of the oven while it's preheating for pizza night. . .

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                                                Oh, I've been looking for a good borscht recipe.....thanks Krislady. I might try this tonight.

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                                                  p.s. May I ask how long the beets took, and at what temp?

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                                                    I washed, then cut about a dozen medium-ish beets in half, stuck them in a 9x13 covered with foil, and into a cold oven when we were preheating to 550 for pizza - then went in to watch Burn Notice, I think. I pulled them out when we just started to smell beets and the program was over - about an hour, maybe?

                                                    And I just had the soup for lunch today (3 days after I made it) and it's still quite good. :)

                                                2. I make a curried cream of summer squash soup. Saute onions, add squash (all the same kind or a mix) cover with chicken or vegetable broth, cook until soft, cool, puree, add curry and half and half. Chill. You can cook some peeled potatoes with the squash if you'd like a thicker soup. Put a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt on top if you wish. Yummy hot or cold.