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Refrigerator Purchase Anyone have a Samsung, an LG, a Kenmore, or a Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator?

Looking at purchasing a new /or refurbished new French Door Refrigerator

I am looking for reliability, my last refrigerator was a constant problem...

Does anyone have a Samsung French Door or Kenmore French Door or other refrigerator that they love?

(No room for a Sub Zero, we have a smaller home)

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  1. Be aware of what company manufactures what.

    To quote a CNN article, "Whirlpool, for example, manufactures KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Roper and Estate; Maytag also makes Amana and Jenn-Air. And they all make products for Sears' house brand Kenmore, which doesn't actually manufacture anything."


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        Funny, I just mentioned this elsewhere... The CNN article is a bit outdated as Whirlpool bought Maytag, meaning Whirlpool Corporation now makes all eight of those brands, plus they make appliances for IKEA.

        If you want a reliable fridge, get one that does not have a through-the-door ice maker; it's by far the most likely part to break on a refrigerator. You can find refrigerators that have internal dispensers; I did and love it that way. With a French door fridge, the through-the-door ice makers make even less sense because they take up a significant chunk of refrigerator real estate to hold a mini-freezer for the ice cubes. Also look for refrigerators that have a mullion bar (technical term for the mullion bar is "flappy thing") in between the two doors; the mullion bar creates a much better seal than one without it.

        Last, consider buying a refrigerator with a bottom-mount freezer and a standard fridge door. The French doors are very popular right now, but aren't necessary unless your refrigerator is in a tight space. You're paying a premium for less shelf space in your refrigerator because of the split in the doors.

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          jk, thank you for your expansive information. you have helped me a lot!

      2. Just bought a Whirlpool Gold a few months back and its horrible. The ice maker had to be repaired once already and frequently jams. The water dispenser is poorly designed so water spills out on the floor everytime we use it.

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        1. We bought a Samsung French Door model at Lowe's 9 months ago. So far so good! I love it. I find it to be much easier to arrange than our old side-by-side. I don't have as much stuff going bad in it because I can see more of it. We have a model that defies all ice maker advice given so far...not only does it have thru-the-door ice and water, but it also has a second ice maker in the freezer below. We use A LOT of ice though. It's hot here in Phx and we like cold drinks. Also makes it easy to fill a cooler for road trips! Knock on wood, we've had no problems with it yet. I hope it will last a long time. I think of all the models we looked at, this one had the best interior layout for maximizing shelf space.

          However, there are a few things I don't like, but they are probably not necessarily brand-specific. First, we have couple glass shelves that have a split down the middle so you can lower the front portion of the shelf in order to make room for more tall items. The problem is that there is a support rod under the shelf that really gets in the way of things on the shelf below. Sometimes I have trouble fitting a half a watermelon if it's big because of that rod. Second, I thought I would love the wide cheese/meat drawer under the produce drawers, and I kinda do, but it's really a pain to have to open both fridge doors to open the drawer. Now I wish it was two smaller drawers as we don't tend to store a lot of things on trays or platters (which is what it's meant for I think).

          Anyways, I would buy it again. Love my "new" fridge. And, the french doors are great for tight spaces (we have a galley kitchen so it was pretty much a necessity).

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            Thanks Jen, what model did you get? I did not notice the icemaker in the freezer too...

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              Not all of them have 2 ice makers. As BoardSmith below said, the bottom ice maker is faster and easier to use. But, the top one comes in handy. Our old side by side fridge was pretty inefficient, so even with the ice/water system, I think this one is still more efficient.

              This is the model we purchased. Not sure if they have a newer version of it since it's well into 2010 now and our fridge is almost a year old.


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              Just for reference, I thought I'd post an update about our Samsung French Door refrigerator. During the summer, my husband attempted to clean the glass shelves in the fridge after a rather large watermelon oozed all over the place. In the process, the bottom, full width glass shelf that sits above the crisper drawers shattered into a bazillion pieces.

              We called Samsung and they were very friendly and covered the broken shelf under the warranty. Unfortunately, they sent us the wrong shelf (wasn't even for our model as it had plastic instead of glass).

              As friendly as their customer service is, their parts database/ordering software seems woefully inadequate. After 2 months and many, many, many phone calls with customer service and their parts department, we FINALLY figured out the correct shelf's part number and they sent it to us.

              Was it frustrating? Yes, but at least they were always friendly (even if not extremely responsive). Lesson? Be persistent. In their credit, the first shelf was sent out extremely quickly. The problem only arose in trying to explain to them that they sent the wrong part and then getting customer service (on the East Coast) to follow up with the parts department (on the West Coast) to send out the correct part. But at least we finally got it! Thank you Samsung. We still love the fridge, too.

            3. We purchased a Samsung French Door refrigerator in January from Lowe's. So far it has done well. (Our last one was a Whirlpool that was 21 years old.)

              The upper ice maker does take up a lot of interior room but we use it a lot. I do enjoy the chilled water and crushed ice. The drawback is that the ice distribution is somewhat slow.

              The lower freezer drawer is rather convenient and spacious. However, some of the item stored there can get lost under things so we use it for those items we will need frequently and store everything else in the upright deep freezer in the storage room.

              The lower ice maker works faster than the upper one does and makes filling glasses and coolers so much easier. The drawback is that sometimes when opening the upper basket, some of the ice will fall off behind the lower basket and just sit there on the floor of the freezer. Doesn't hurt anything until the ice finally make its way out to the floor.

              I am satisfied with Samsung. The one service call was handled quickly and efficiently. The replacement part was late in arriving and Samsung called to offer a replacement refrigerator rather than wait another week for the part. Head and shoulders better than LG!

              1. we bought the Whirlpool Gold FD. We use a lot of ice and really needed the icemaker and water on the door. In addition, we have a very tight space which includes a wall on the right side. The previous fridge was a SS that was 21 CF. The new one is 27 CF. Due to the wall we were limited to the Whirlpool since our first choice was the Electrolux FD which couldn't fit. Fortunately, we realized this just before it was delivered.

                Having said that, the icemaker does jam from time to time since I like to keep it in the "crushed" mode. In order to unclug it, I simply change to "cube mode" and then back.

                Having filtered water on the door is nice. However, you would think that the water would be cold.----It's not. I do like the lighting inside. It is very bright. The food stays fresh much longer than our previous SS.

                The shelf design could have been better to accomodate items in the middle of the shelf. The bracket that supports the shelf above it limits what you can put in the center of the shelf below.

                Would I buy it again? Yes, if I had the same space constraints.

                1. We have the Samsung bottom-freezer French-door refrigerator....got it at Lowe's almost 4 years ago....we like it a lot! No problems with it really......One issue we've had with it is that the "deli" drawer or pantry drawer - you have to be careful when you pull it out as it has little tabs on the side that can break off if you don't do it just right. The customer service was very rude about it even if under warranty. Ours broke off right after we got it.

                  I will say though that I LOVE the bottom drawer freezer....nothing ever falls out on our feet! LOL One drawback inside the fridge is that big things like milk, soda bottles or tall things MUST be put on the doors & can't be put on the shelves. Only short things can be put on the shelves. Otherwise, it is roomy and I really love the fridge. The shelves are solid so nothing spills through.

                  One caveat is that if something falls out of the fridge, it can dent the freezer door (has happened to us). BTW - we don't have the outside ice-maker.....

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                    I think Samsung may have redesigned some of the issues you mention, or perhaps they are model specific. Our model doesn't have the tabs on the deli drawer - at least not that I've noticed. Also, we have a flip up shelf that provides room for tall things and another shelf where the front half slides back for more tall things, so we are definitely not limited to just the door shelves for tall items. You could also rearrange the shelves to give you more space for tall things as well.

                    I agree that the bottom freezer is awesome though.

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                      Nice about the flip shelf! That we do not have, so like you said either it's model-specific or they upgraded. I'm pretty sure our shelves can be adjusted, but I've never tried it.

                      The tabs on the deli/pantry door are where they "click" into the sides of the drawer to flip up when it's opened. They fit into little holes to allow the "door" to open when the drawer it pulled open. They broke off the 1st month we got it & it was a real fight with cust. svc. to get them to send out a new door.

                  2. I bought the Samsung 4 door French refrigerator two months ago and I love it . 29Cu ft. The 4th drawer is great for either platters or deli stuff. Right now I have a very long stalk of brussel sprouts in there. The temp, is adjustable for the drawer ,too.

                    1. I wouldnt even buy a cellphone from LG all crap...

                      1. I have (I think) the exact Samsung in your picture, and I've been quite happy with it. Purchased in September 2008, no problems at all.

                        My only complaints are that the ice dispenser is *loud* when it drops ice into the hopper, and the water filter cartridges are expensive. However, the filter is bypassed when you remove it, so a cheaper inline filter would be an option.

                        1. Joyfulmom, you've probably had your new refrigerator for a long time now. I just saw the post. My Samsung french door refrigerator is almost a year old and I really like it.

                          I appreciate being able to see the contents so easily by opening both doors, I like the dual cooling system, and the LCD lighting. It was disappointing that the freezer is smaller than my 20-some-years-old top freezer refrigerator.

                          It was not without its challenges, however. The freezer started accumulating frost and it took the Sears people 4 trips to troubleshoot, order and install parts, swap out the freezer drawer, etc.
                          I was also flabbergasted that my electric bill has INCREASED!

                          But it freezes things quickly and the steady temperature is nice. Plus I like the way it looks.