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Jul 21, 2010 10:44 AM

looking for a "quaint" Hudson River view lunch-- Cold Spring to Peekskill?

Hi all,
My picky... I mean selective :)... mom has elected me to find a "quaint" restaurant for us to lunch in for her birthday in a few weeks. She remembers a lovely lunch in Cold Spring, years ago, overlooking the Hudson and would like to recreate it. Trouble is, the restaurant-- not sure what it was-- has closed. She's not interested in any of the flashy places down here (she wasn't impressed with X2O and wants something cozier than Half Moon, which she likes).
I'm not familiar with the Cold Spring dining scene. Anyone have any thoughts? Anything in Garrison, Peekskill, or elsewhere that might fit the bill? Thanks in advance.
Riverview ?
Hudson House ?

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  1. I think Hudson House would fit all the requirements, it's quaint, I'm pretty sure it has a Hudson view (I went there for dinner so it was dark) and it has pretty decent food. They also have a brunch but I think they have that in the room with the bar that doesn't have a view.

    1. Henry's on the Hudson, in Peekskill, at the end of Main St high over the river. In the Peekskill Inn, unassuming, not fancy, a decent view and decent food.

      1. The Hudson House in Cold Spring is right on the waterfront. I recall eating on the front porch a few years ago. Decent food, great view.

        1. Thanks for the replies so far! Can anyone who's been to both Riverview and Hudson House comment on which has better food? Thanks!

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              Food is really too different to compare--Hudson House is certainly prettier. Also, on TWO occasions at Riverview our bill was incorrect, if you go there make sure to check the check! Another poster recommended Henry's at Peekskill--I thought the outdoor patio is lovely but some don't like overlooking Indian Point...also the food, while ok, is nothing special.