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Jul 21, 2010 10:37 AM

Hot Dog vendor for catering?

I'll admit, I don't get into downtown Seattle for nights out as often as I used to.

We're having a summer party and I thought it'd be fun to get a hot dog cart to cater. But of course I don't actually know the vendor names (or any other information) of any hot dog vendors who might do this. Do you have any idea? Have you pulled a business card from a vendor you like recently? I'm thinking of one that grills onions and dogs for that delicious scent (especially after a night of drinking) rather than just some boiled hot dogs at the Seattle Center.

Help please!

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  1. I like Dog in the Park in Westlake park, but I don't know if they cater. They grill their dogs on the flat top and add grilled onions and cabbage on top of the dog if you want. YUM.

    For catering, Dante's probably does it since they've got the carts all ready to go. Not sure if they do onions.

    Last weekend at the vintage VW show there was a really cool VW bus converted into a mobile kitchen and I saw hotdogs on their menu. Didn't catch the business name, but it's probably connected to the Coffee Bus (vinage VW bus converted into a mobile espresso stand!) that was also there. Super cute.

    1. Dante dogs would be worthy of catering. They are at the Ballard Market every week.

      Also if you are considering pizza, this mobile unit does only catering. Owner used to work for Tribunali. Have been to an amazing pizza party.