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Jul 21, 2010 10:35 AM

Need a fun place for lunch in Boston on Friday

I am taking my son's 19 year old girlfriend for lunch on Friday. Can anyone recommend a fun place in Boston with great food. Maybe a water view?

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  1. Do you have an idea what kind of food you and she would like to eat? and what price?

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      sorry I was not too specific. seafood (lobster) or burgers. Someplace fun - maybe in Back Bay??

      1. re: Janiekins

        lobster: i like alive and kicking in cambridge which is a dump, but you can take their lobster sandwich to the Charles river.

        As to burgers: i like Bartley's in harvard square and Radius though neither of these are on the water.

        1. re: cambridgedoctpr

          Unfortunately, as has been observed here in the past, Boston (for a major seaport) doesn't have a whole lot of restaurants on the water, and even fewer that are exceptionally good.

    2. Well, it won't get a lot of respect from the foodies on this board (of which I am one!) but I recently went with some co-workers to Joe's American Bar and Grill on the waterfront at lunch time and it was fun, and does have lobster rolls and burgers. It's not high-end or particularly creative food, but the food and prices were decent and the service was great. We followed lunch with a walk to Hanover Street for gelato. I think it would fit the request for "fun" and water view, but may fall short if you're looking for exceptional food.

      If food is more important you might try Neptune Oyster in the North End and follow with a walk for dessert and views of the water out by Christopher Columbus park.

      Neptune Oyster
      63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

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      1. re: MaggieCat

        The burger at Joe's is perfectly fine. In fact, most of the food is fine. If one is willing to trade on high-end quality for atmosphere and fun factor, Joe's is a great call. When I lived on Commercial Wharf, it was - by proximity - our "go to" spot. It really does not disappoint with the criteria being outside by the water and fun.

      2. Scup's on the Harbor (east Boston) has had good buzz here and is reachable by Water taxi which might be fun.

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        1. re: gourmaniac

          Thanks. I think we will try Joe's on the waterfront followed by Gelato in the North End.