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Jul 21, 2010 10:09 AM

Foie Gras in Burlington, Vt. ?

In Burlington for our annual gluttony tour. Any restaurant in or around Burlington have foie gras on their menu ?

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  1. None that I am aware of................

    1. I fear you must extend you gluttony tour to include Montreal if you want foie gras.

      1. Cafe Shelburne serves a wonderful Foie Gras. Pan seared, with a poached pear and greens with a nice tangy vinaigrette.

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        1. re: imzchef

          Good to know, imzchef. I love foie. Thanks.

        2. Might be worth checking to see if Bluebird Tavern has it. Pretty impressive list of charcuterie. Ditto Farmhouse.

          Bluebird Tavern
          Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT

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          1. re: cherylvt

            I eat at Bluebird frequently enough to know there is no foie on their menu. Agree about the impressive charcuterie, though. I don't believe Farmhouse has foie either, but that is based on hearsay, not direct experience. I don't think you are likely to find it at either place. Both have a fairly intense local focus and, AFAIK, there is no foie production in Vermont.

          2. thanks kids i appreciate the help!