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Jul 21, 2010 09:51 AM

Monticello for Shabbos

As is the custom of my people, I will be going to a motel in the Catskill Mountains for Shabbos, August 6th-7th (Super 8 at $140 a night, the cheapest place I could find). Never having been before, I was wondering if anyone could make a recommendation for food in Monticello. Someone told me there's a place that will allow you to prepay for meals, but was vague on the details. Anyone know anything? Should I buy stuff and keep it in the room? Also, and I realize this is beyond the scope of Chowhound, but anyone know of a minyan within walking distance?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. perhaps if you posted which motel someone can refer you to the closest Bungalow colony minyan. There is a orthodox synagogue in the town too (i think it was closer to the east side of town)

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      I don't know Monticello at all, but some Googling shows only one Super-8 in the area, at 290 Broadway.

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          just looked at mapquest, that motel 9probably where I stayed 10 years ago on Shabbos) is on the east side of Monticello. There's a orthodox shul (the Kutsher family is/was it's main support) a few blocks away,

          landsfield shul

    2. I used Shawarma King to deliver a shiva platter so I know they deliver. As my friend reported the food was good.

      279 East Broadway
      Monticello, NY

      1. "As is the custom of my people"
        With regard to weekends away and restaurants, please, by all means abandon the custom of your people or you will indeed find yourself in a Super 8 in Monticello with greasy Shabbos food. To paraphrase: Let your people go.

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          My husbands parents live in Monticello year round. I asked them but they do not know a place to prepay for meals. I think your best bet is to go to the Landsfield Avenue shul and it is possible you might get invited out. Should you not be, or want to have back up food, there are a TON of places selling Shabbat take out food (there is a Buy-Rite and a 'Crunchies' in woodridge which I believe both sell takeout from Pomegrante in Brooklyn). If you object to getting ripped off, however, I would simply take food up with me.
          Cappucino- that was very funny ;)

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            My in laws offered to take the kids for Shabbos and this is the very cheapest thing I could find. This will be the first time we have the opportunity to go away since my oldest was born. We could be sleeping on a park bench with a can of tuna and a box of matzah and it'll be gan eden ;)

            Maybe we can have a conversation that doesn't conclude with "why is the she crying again?" or "Did he brush his teeth yet?".

          2. it is shwrma king that allowss you to prepay and the food is heimsih. they are located at the opposite end of brodway from where you are staying but is walking distance. as someone said thelndfield synagogueis right near town hall inthe center of town near your motel.other than shwarm you have mountain food which has challah,fish,salads,deli{no chicken take out}.thereis also ichud grocery up the 42.good luck and enjoy

            1. Update: I called Schwarma King and the (very friendly) heimishe dude who answered the phone said they do have prepaid Shabbos meals. $35 per adult per meal, and $25 per child per meal (I didn't ask how old of a child). I think that's what we'll end up doing, at least for Friday night and Shabbos morning. Shalosh seudos we'll probably buy something.

              Thanks, Vallevin and GLeibler.

              I'm going next Shabbos, I'll let you guys know how it was.