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Jul 21, 2010 09:11 AM

Paris: Has anyone tried La Terrasse at the Park Hyatt..? an interview recently, Yannick Alleno (head chef of Le Meurice) mentioned he likes to go there for relaxed lunches on Sundays. Has anyone been to La Terrasse? Outdoor seating supposedly is very pleasant, but what about the food?

Your feedback please! :)

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  1. I stayed there recently. The terrace looks very pleasant. I didn't eat there, but if I were to judge by room service dinner I had, then the food should be very good!

    For room service we had the cote de boeuf, chicken, cheeseburger and spaghetti bolognaise -- All were outstanding!

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      thanks, theskyflyer. We ended up not going, it turns out they only do a brunch on Sundays, for EUR 90. Way too much money!

    2. No although it was mentioned in 'Scope for outdoor dining and all summer, etc.