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Jul 21, 2010 08:47 AM

Vegan Options in Columbia Heights Area?

My sister just moved to DC last month, and I'm going to be visiting her next weekend and taking her out to lunch for her birthday. She is vegan, I am not. What are some good lunch options for us?

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  1. Sticky Finger's Bakery is just a few blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro. The Bakery in the title is decieving they have plenty of lunch food as well including sandwiches, mac and "cheese," chili "hot dogs," and lots of other options. They also have a lot of great sweet treats. I highly recommend the salty chocolate chip cookie.

    The only downside is its very casual (you order at the counter) so it might not be the perfect birthday option. However, it might be worth a stop for a birthday cake/ cupcake.

    1. Definately check out Dos Gringos on Mount Pleasant Rd.
      you aren't even alowed to use your cell phone while sitting inside because the atmosphere is too small footprint, organic, holistic. Great menu, very cute little cafe. This is near the aforementioned Sticky Fingers.

      1. Busboys & Poets has tons of vegan options, including vegan pizza, quesadillas, tempeh sandwiches and gazpacho. It's not too expensive and has a great neighborhood vibe. It's at 14th and V, just down the street from Columbia Heights -- a few Metrobus stops or one Metro stop away on the Green line.

        Busboys & Poets
        1390 V St NW, Washington, DC 20009

        1. It might be worth it to take a bus down to the Dupont area - it's quite easy to take one of the buses down 16th Street from Columbia Heights to P St - and go to this newish vegan restaurant Cafe Green. Just read a good review of it on Washington Post and it does sound appropriate for a celebratory meal.