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Need help narrowing selections

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Headed to Los Cabos in less than a week. Staying at One & Only Palmilla. Will be in the area for 7 nights. Here are the options we're considering:

In San Jose:

Local 8
Morgan's or Morgan's Encore (any difference in menus? one better than the other?)
El Chilar
Chef's Table

In Cabo San Lucas:
Edith's (concerned about this...either fabulous or horrible reviews which makes me curious)
Trailer Park
La Fonda
Nik San (went last time and it was WONDERFUL!!)
El Farllon

These are in addition to the Agua and Market at the O&O and the restaurant at Las Ventanas. We are traveling with family members aged 13-80. Price is not an issue, just great food/atmosphere. Everyone is pretty adventurous taste-wise. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Let me know if you plan a trip to Todos Santos and I will be happy to give you suggestions.