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Jul 21, 2010 07:03 AM


Today's coupon is for Ched's and I went to their website. Menu looks interesting, but no prices. Anyone been?

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  1. if you go to "Melts" then look to the bottom right corner, there is a link to a printable menu by location for Austin. Prices are listed there.

    I haven't been, but it looks interesting enough. I'm just not sure if I wanna buy another coupon - i've got a whole stack of them..

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    1. re: topodrinko

      I used their free Sandwich coupon a long time ago when they opened, and I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, and that is exactly what I got. A plain old regular grilled cheese sandwich. LIke the one you could make in your kitchen in 2 minutes with two pieces of wonder bread and some american cheese.

      1. re: ChrisStein

        That was my experience too. I had asked for something, I think pesto, to be added, but it didn't make it on the sandwich. I haven't been back.

    2. I've been several times and have always enjoyed it. They have many ingredients that you can order in any combo you want. I particularly like the fish and peppers sandwich on the menu. Basically a tuna melt with peppers.

      This is a franchise, but interestingly the founder of the chain had to close all of his stores. The owner told me that he has the only active Chedd's in the country. All of their cheese is from Wisconsin. A meal at Chedd's followed by a visit next door to the frozen yogurt place
      makes for a fun evening, especially if you have kids in the mix.

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        I've been once, and agree with Pappy - it's pretty good. I was expecting them to just have variations on the grilled cheese sandwich, and therefore that they wouldn't offer much I couldn't make at home. But they actually have a menu of maybe a dozen or more sandwiches, including some unique combinations. They also have a lot of different cheeses on hand, so you can mix and match to make your own concoction. I thought it was pretty tasty.