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Jul 21, 2010 06:51 AM

Muffuletta - Fairfield County

Does anyone know if there are any deli's locally that make this New Orleans sandwich originated at Central Grocery. I have seen them featured on several food show and am dying to try one.

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  1. From your mouth to God's ear. The muff at CG is a gift from heaven. But to answer your question, no, there is nothing that even resembles a CG muff north of Chartre St in NOLA. And that goes for the beignets at Cafe du Monde across the street.

    Let's add to this dilemma a different question...why can;t you get a decent corned beef or pastrami sandwich in FFD CTY? NYC is 40 miles away and nada up here, and then add bagels to the list, again...nada.

    Let's open a deli..."Bagels, muffs and more"

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      I like the idea and name however I am a horrible morning person.

      I just dropped a huge chunk of change to have a jar of Central Market Olive Salad shipped to me so I could make one myself. I can get all the quality cheese and cold cuts around here but since you've had the real thing I wanted to know what the bread is like. Is it like crusty Italian from Aurthur Ave? Looks a little squishier.

      As for corned beef and pastrami don't get me started. Boars Head has ruined cold cuts across the country. They've taken over every supermarket and put the specialty people out of business. I ordered some Mortadella a few weeks ago and was horrified when they offered Boars Head.

      1. re: Builder3

        it is more soft than crusty and you need to make sure there is plenty of good olive oil on the bread...take note of the saturation on

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          The cheese shop in Darien goodwives center not only has the country's best selection of cheese (I'm not exagerrating when I say that) but also has some outstanding artisan cold cuts too. Their mortadella is fantastic. Ditto their jamon serrano. And while you're at it try their selection of salamis, a couple from the west coast, berkeley area I think, are superb.

          1. re: Scotty100

            thanks S. jfood did not know the Darien Cheese shop carried cold cut with their outstanding cheeses.

            1. re: Scotty100

              I love the Darien Cheese Shop. I wish they offered a cheese platter for lunch. A few cheeses, some cured meats, olives, etc. You can't very well order 1/10 a pound of this 1/10th a pound of that. It could be their selections to make it easy. I would be there three times a week.

              1. re: Builder3

                I agree. But now and again, they'll make up some sandwiches with some of the fantastic bread they carry. I had a huge one couple of months ago with 3 different cold cuts, including the excellent mortadella, and some olive tapenade i think. Was delicious. I asked if they were going to start doing this on a regular basis but they hemmed and hawed. Weren't sure of the demand etc.

                I went back again about a month later to see if I could score another but they had not made any up since my last visit. But they remembered and instead sold me the cold cuts in small quantities to make my own. Along with the bread. Awesome shop.

        2. I know it isn't Fairfield County, but if you want a nice summer ride, call and see if Creative Cooking in Westbrook makes mufulettas. It's been awhile since I've been and don't remember if they do/don't. May not be truly authentic as it is a kind of bizarre menu that I recall--they advertise as Cajun, New Orleans, and American.