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Jul 21, 2010 06:51 AM

Cantonese Restaurants in HK (NOT DIM SUM)

Hi. I'm making a trip to HK for a couple days and was wondering if anyone here has recommendations for non-dim sum Canto food?

Preferably one that makes good 干炒牛河! If you do not read Chinese, it literally translates to dry fried rice noodles with beef.


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  1. There are literally thousands of restaurants in HK that serve something other than dim sum. I'd say that dim sum restaurants are a minority. 干炒牛河 is a very common dish.

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      interesting. judging by the topics here i had assumed dim sum was very prominent in HK and that there were few good cantonese restaurants. In that case I suppose it would be very difficult to pick a certain restaurant...

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        Dim sum is very prominent, but it still constitute only served in a minority of Cantonese restaurants in HK. I would guess that over 90% of the restaurants in HK can be classified as Cantonese.

    2. Hey
      I am not exactly sure what the dish you are looking for is, but this site might help you find some nice restaurants.

      I personally did enjoy hot pot at a restaurant in the causeway bay / wan chai area. Its nice to eat with a group, but might be too hot for this time of year.
      Anyway, it might be an idea to pick out restaurants after you have a certain plan how you want to spent your day and choose something in the area or on the way home. Or choose the restaurant and adjust your day plans ^^
      If you like to eat local, but not necessarilly stylish, try the foodstall thingys in the market halls, they wont have an english menu, or anything, but i once had excellent oyster (omelette?) in one of them.
      Another good trip is going to Cheung Chau and eating fresh seafood in one of the restaurants near the ferry exit. You can often even bring your own wine or pay a small fee per bottle to bring it.
      I hope i could provide a little help

        1. Tasty in IFC serves an awesome ' Gong Chow Ngau Ho '. In the morning they also have a Dim Sum menu. On top of that they make one of the best won-ton noodle in town!