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Jul 21, 2010 06:48 AM

Brooklyn Flea in Manhattan

I read on the NY Times site that the Brooklyn Flea will be in Manhattan at Summerstage. Since I do not plan on attending any concerts there, but sure wouldn't mind dropping by for a lobster roll or Asian dog..I have a question perhaps a hound here can answer....

Are the food stalls inside the venue, meaning do you need admission to the event, or are they outside, meaning any hound can eat the Brooklyn Flea delicacies without hauling their butts to Brooklyn?


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  1. There never was an admission fee to get into the Brooklyn Flea... In fact, I'm sure half the people there just go for the food.

    1. If the new Brooklyn Flea food stands at Central Park's Summerstage concerts are exactly where the old food stands were at Summerstage, then yes, you need a ticket/admission to the Summerstage event.

      This may not be an issue if you go to one of the free events especially one that is more sparsely attended.

      "There are two food areas at SummerStage: one to the right of the main entrance, and another on the opposite/west side of the venue. Next to the main entrance you’ll find: Red Hook Lobster Pound (fresh Maine lobster rolls); Solber Pupusas (Salvadoran cornmeal patties, from the famous Red Hook Food Vendors); and Sons & Daughters (grass-fed burgers, housemade sausage, and fresh fries, from the Marlow/Diner/Romans folks). On the west side, you’ll find: Asia Dog (Asian-inspired hotdogs); Pizza Moto (from a wood-fired brick oven on the back of a trailer); and Blue Marble Ice Cream (grass-fed from the Hudson Valley, from the popular Brooklyn parlor)."

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        I have been, and the stands are there. The good news is that most Summerstage concerts are free, so if you only care about eating, pick a free concert unlikely to bring a crowd, and you're all set. City Winery is there too.

        City Winery
        155 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

        1. re: kathryn

          ok, so from what you tell me they are inside and you DO need admission. Bummer.
          I understand the concerts are all mostly free, but the lines are accordingly too long. From past experiences at Summerstage it would be quicker for me to drive over to Red Hook and back than to wait on line for a free concert in NY during the worst recession since the Great Depression.

          Thanks for the recon!

          1. re: chowsue

            The food is just so, so at summerstage, I'm a frequent visitor there and find that its best at the night shows, which by the way are also the paid shows for the most part, the redhooklobster pound closed shop after about a month saying they couldn't make a go of it, the best things still there and most of them are a little over priced are the tamales at paposa (sp?) and the pizza at pizzamoto, although at most night show if you try to go during an intermission forget it, by the way the wine at city winery is some of the worst I've ever had the red was so bad i had to spit it out, and then went back to fight for a refund on my glass. I don't know if brooklyn flea will be back there next year, the food is only slightly better then the people that use to be there concert foods, and at least there weren't the lines.