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Jul 21, 2010 06:24 AM

Cape Ann CSF

Just a heads up that the new season of the Cape Ann Community Supported Fish Program is starting up in August. I can say, without a doubt, that this past season (my first with them) has been one of the most enjoyable experiences and the fish has been the best I have tasted. If you love to eat and cook fish then this is really fun.
Also, getting the whole fish has been a great excuse to gather friends for dinner.

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  1. was it 8 weeks of cod again? or did they have more variety?

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    1. re: autopi

      I did an alternating share ( one week whole fish the next week filets). I had cod, haddock, pollack, red fish, sole. Truthfully, even if it had been all cod, I would have been fine since it was so yummy and I think is versatile but I have heard other people say they got bored easily.

      1. re: autopi

        I did a whole fish share again this summer, but alternated weeks with another household which worked very well. We got cod, flounder, and pollack.

        1. re: autopi

          In addition to the cod, pollock, and flounder, we had at least one week of whiting and a week of hake. Lots of variety this time actually. [Cambridge pickup]

        2. The fish is great and so fresh. I have had to take a little break because of scheduling reasons and not having enough mouths to feed at home so I am off of the email lists. If anyone is signed up in Cambridge and can't make a pick-up, I'll gladly pick it up and send you a check to cover the weeks share. I look forward to signing up again for the winter shrimp or spring/summer share.

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          1. re: Snowflake

            Send me an email.... this might happen some weeks in the future.

          2. I meant to also add, if the pick ups dont work for you, Metro Pedal Power can do bike delivery of your share for a pretty small fee. These guys are great to work with ( I get my veg csa delivered from them).

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            1. re: cassoulady

              We got flounder twice. Fresh and delicious.

            2. thanks for this post. Our local fishermen need all the support we can give them. the whole fish sounds great...and you can make stock with the bones, if you are so inclined! We will definitely join when we get some income...