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Jul 21, 2010 06:02 AM

Maine Lobster: Shaw's? Catch 35...

Hi Chicago,

Greetings from Sunny Miami.

After most of our city felt the chilling wrath of the economy, many of my friends have had to move to new towns to find work. My dear friend just relocated to the "60611" area and tomorrow is his birthday.

He is on his own in a new city and wanted to cheer himself up with a lobster dinner (a summery whole steamed Maine lobster) and I did a search and came up with Shaw's and Catch 35.

If you were new to Chicago and starting out all alone on your birthday - which of these would put a smile on your face? Or have I missed a better location?

He can drive somewhere (not toooo far) if you think it is necessary.

Thanks for your help. He needs a hug.


Catch 35
35 W. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60601

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  1. Both are good places for seafood, but I would go with Shaw's. Shaw's has a big advantage going for it; it's part of the Lettuce Entertain You group of thirty or so restaurants in the Chicago area. What that means is, you can give him a gift card to the LEY restaurants, and tell him to use that for his lobster dinner at Shaw's. If he has a leftover balance, he can use it at any of the LEY restaurants, rather than requiring him to return to Shaw's to use it.

    You can order the LEY gift card from their website ( ) today and pay an extra $18 for next-day delivery, so it will arrive tomorrow. (Although if you pay $6.95 for UPS Ground, it *might* also arrive tomorrow, but there's no guarantee.) As another alternative to try to avoid paying that extra $18, you could try calling Shaw's, asking for a manager, and asking if you can give them a credit card number over the phone for a gift card that your friend will pick up at the restaurant; that way you wouldn't have to pay anything at all for shipping.