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Jul 21, 2010 05:31 AM

Calgary Chefs on the move to SAIT?

River Cafe and Catch Executive Chefs just made a move to teach at SAIT...why?!

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  1. Do not know either individual but it seems to me from knowing of others who have done something similar here in Edmonton with NAIT that it probably is a combination of a lot of factors.

    Taking a break from the daily "rat race" while still being actively involved in the industry. A more regimented, predictable day than the life of an executive chef. Giving back to the "trade".

    A whole number of possible combinations and permutations.

    1. More money for a nine to five, plus time to experiment/write a cookbook, things you won't get if you are a slave to a kitchen IMHO.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        Calgary will have some amazing talent in a few years with the Chefs that are teaching at SAIT. Very curious about who will take over in two of my favorite places to dine!

        1. re: ChefsMenuTasting

          Looks like SAIT is already giving back. Scott Pohorelic of River Cafe is being succeeded by his protege, Andrew Winfield, a SAIT graduate.

      2. Scott has been at River Cafe for over ten years. He is at the top of his game at one of the best restaurants in the city. His focus on locally sourced ingredients and smaller producers will be a great addition there. There are several good chefs who have been hired recently. Desmond Johnston has been there for a couple of years. Desmond has four kids at home I'm sure being able to eat dinner with them rather than working a line in a restaurant has huge appeal. The benefits and hours are also a huge plus. Some people are naturally born teachers and with Scott's gentle personality and skill in the kitchen, the students will take to him.

        1. Todays electronic version [may be in the print version as well but I do not get the G & M at home] of the Globe and Mail has an article on this topic which generally coincides with the views of the posters above/below.

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          1. re: Bob Mac

            Yes it was in the print version Life section.
            Link for those who are interested - good for about a week then it goes into their pay archive.

            1. re: cancowboy

              Andrew Winfield is a monster talent and the food is going to be tremendous. His elements in the menu over the last few years have been unmistakable, omg type stuff. Scott's impression on the restaurant, Calgary's food scene and anyone fortunate enough to work for him will never be forgotten.

              1. re: Gobstopper

                I have forgotten his name but didn't the chef at MUSE do something similar in that he left Larry Stewart at Hardware Grill in Edmonton to go to NAIT to teach before heading south to Calgary.

                1. re: Bob Mac

                  Cam Dobronski? I think so - and his new(ish) restaurant - wine bar is the best parts of divino, but cheaper, with a more lively atmosphere.

                  1. re: Gobstopper

                    Thank you Gobstopper - Cam it is.

                    Thanks as well for the tip on the wine bar - will try it out the next time I am in Calgary as Divino has been a personal favourite during past trips.