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Jul 21, 2010 04:21 AM

Queen Margherita

Had dinner last night for the first time at Queen Margherita. Service was great. The porchetta and caramelized onions was about as good as anything one can eat, but I thought the pizza disappointing. The crust isn't really a crust; it is unappealingly thick and 'doughy'; a consequence, I assume, of either inadequate heat or insufficient time in the oven. The slices are a bit of a pain to eat because the topping wants to slide off the drooping 'tip'. So despite the incredible app, I'm guessing I won't return; I think the style of pizza is probably just not to my liking. Very nice people, though, and the live music was a treat.

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  1. I agree with the service and the environment. Hope that they do very well because there isn't anything else like it out in this area. However, I do prefer Pizza Libretto. Love the naan like crust and the price point for their prix fix lunch special.

    1. I had a completely different experience in respect of the pizza. Loved the crust (not too thick at all, but not to thin and hard either). Great flavour in the dough (right combination of yeastiness and saltiness). The sauce was the perfect flavour for me. The fiore di latte was as creamy and fresh as can be. Personally I preferred it to my experience at Libretto. It was the best pizza I've ever eaten in Toronto actually. I think that Libretto makes a good pizza, but I think it just comes down to personal preference whether you prefer one over the other, but for me it didn't have that wow factor that QMP did for me. I'm glad that both exist though and there are great pizza options on either side of the city (and that I happen to live closer to QMP).

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        I haven't tried Queen Margherita yet, but just a quick thought on Libretto. I think that Libretto is just completely inconsistent. Of the times that I have gone, I think I've tasted at least 5 variations on their dough. In the last 4 months, I have had both the best pizza I've ever had in Canada, and one of the worst at Libretto. Had I been to Libretto for the first time on the night that they served me an undercooked dough ball, I don't think I would ever return. However, since I know that they can be great, I will be back.

      2. I am curious to know if this is your first time eating this style of pizza--you mention that "the style of pizza is probably just not to my liking". Or, have you eaten this style of pizza elsewhere and prefer it to Queen Margherita. For example, Libretto, Lil Baci, etc.

        1. I haven't been over to Libretto yet, but really enjoyed Queen Margherita. I found the crust really nice, but the toppings were so fresh and delicious it was the best pizza I've had in Toronto to date. I have to echo pescatarian here- the fiore di latte was downright amazing, and the tomato sauce was fresh and flavorful. I'd say it makes for a really great evening out.

          1. Pizza sucks, service is terrible.

            Pizza: toppings are fresh, tasty and excellent. Too bad they're clumped together instead of evenly distributed. Why so stingy w/ the basil on the eponymous pizza? The dough is overly soft and chewy. It's supposed to be charred, giving it a crispiness on the bottom and soft chew. Instead, my jaw ached from all the chewing. So despite the good ingredients, poorly cooked pizza means it sucks.

            Service: Be prepared to wait and be ignored. After being seated, we waited and waited and waited. Finally, the host took our order, the bartender served us our drinks and dinner and our waitress handed us the bill. But hey, at least the pizza's expensive.