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Jul 21, 2010 12:34 AM

"Japanese village" food carts in Richmond

I was surprised to find there are three Japanese food carts next to the new Bridgeport Canada Line station, in a small parking lot at the south-west side.

One makes cold salad noodle bowls, I didn't try that one.

One makes giant takoyaki; made with good fresh shrimp, squid and a quail egg and a side of bonito, with a choice of mayo sauce. $5.00 and very good. They also make a black current ice desert.

The third makes only temaki, in small ($3.50) , medium ($5.00) or very large ($8.50), with a choice of fillings (I had salmon and hamachi with cucumber, tobiko and spicy sauce). Excellent fresh fish and again, very good.

Good value and recommended if you are in the area.

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  1. These are called "ya-tai" and are a feature of drinking areas in Japanese cities.

    1. I have to check these out. Richmond, with its more lax foodcart rules, seems to be ahead of the curve compared to Vancouver.

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      1. re: fmed

        Sana the food carts that didnt win the Vancouver food cart lottery decide to set up shop in Richmond. That will be nice.

        1. re: CrispyLechon

          I gather that many of them are already operating at the Night Market...including Roaming Dragon. There is lots of space under the Canada Line tracks for food carts!

          1. re: fmed

            That's actually a good spot for food carts. You have the casino players plus the Canada line riders as potential customers. It is also far enough from the brick and mortar eateries to pose as threat to them.

      2. Hmm - I was in that area today at around noon, and didn't spot any carts. I walked around the bus bay area, but didn't see anything obvious in the parking lots. Should they have been easy to spot?

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        1. re: KGill

          I believe they open later in afternoon, three-ish.

          1. re: KGill

            I made a video of the new location of the Japanese food trucks. Hope this helps:

            1. re: chowtimes

              That is a very helpful video, chowtimes -- I didn't realize how close they were to the Skytrain stop. May have to hop off there and take a look one day (after three, of course -- thanks juso)

              1. re: chowtimes

                Thanks for the video, chowtimes. I had driven past their old location a month or so ago and was surprised to see them gone. Now I know where to find them again (though I'm not sure I agree it's good value...).