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Jul 20, 2010 11:00 PM

Where to buy good Kielbasa in Calgary?

Will be out camping in K-country this weekend. I want to find some good Kielbasa that I can cut into chunks and put them on a campfire fork to roast.

Going to make some boozy brie, and will roast some bananas and stuff them with chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Any other gourmet camping food ideas that I can buy in Calgary and take out to K-country?

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  1. I would give Regina's Fine Meats a try. She's located in the Crossroads Farmer's Market which opens at 9 on Frid/Sat/Sun. Pick up some good spicy mustard to go along with the grilled Kielbasa.
    Curious - how do you make boozy brie? The stuffed bananas sound tempting.
    Enjoy and have fun.

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      Boozy Brie - unwrap a wheel of Brie and put on a piece of foil. Prick holes in the Brie and then sprinkle with a pear liqueur or brandy. Wrap it up well - put in embers (not fire) of campfire or on grill. Cook until melted turning occasionally (about 10 minutes).
      Put on a plate, open it up, and scoop out cheese with hunks of crusty bread. Amp it up by serving it with slices of pear, prosciutto and honey. (You can always try this on your own BBQ!)

      Thanks for the other tips on the sausage!

      Now - who has the best prosciutto? :-)

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        Thanks - I will definitely try this. I usually like a fig or roasted garlic/onion chutney on brie...but this sounds too good not to try. I have a bottle of pear brandy that I got as a gift that I haven't used...now it will have a purpose.

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          Wow, that boozy brie sounds delicious. I'll have to try it some time next time we go camping - it sure beats eating smokies and smores all the time (well, at least for the adults).

          Maybe you could start another thread on "gourmet" campfire recipes and share more of your own recipes? (I haven't bother to check to see if there is already a thread on that - so pardon me if there already is).

      2. A new Polish deli just opened and I have been really impressed with their kielbasa selection. Cracovia Deli - http://www.cracoviadeli.com/

        We barbequed their farmers sausage last night and it was fantastic. Their "guralska" sausage is another new favourite. It already has a strong smokey flavour and is quite lean, so probably not the best for grilling. In any case, they have about 6-8 different types and seemed happy to hand out samples, so I'm sure you will find something that suits you.

        Have fun camping and eating!!

          1. Heritage Bakery and Deli on 37th St SW.

            Best I've ever had in Calgary, you won't be dissapointed.