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Jul 20, 2010 09:26 PM

All Hail Bute Street Liquor Store!!

Might not be new to everyone here but it is to me.

The Signature store that formerly was on Alberni appears to have moved/morphed into a great new Bute St location.

Brightly (but not too brightly) lit shiny sparkling and well displayed it's a joy to shop in IMO the categories are better organised than the iconic Cambie St store.

PS-If you think we're overcharged for booze @ Govt stores take a trip through a Liquor Barn some sunny day.

BC Liquor store
1155 Bute St

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  1. the Government is overcharging because they set the prices, Liquor barn is just trying to make a profit, it buys its liquor from the BC government, so in order to make money they have to mark it up. Also the best selections of beers and wines in the city are at Liquor Barns, the one on 4th and Vine, Kitsilano Wine Cellar and the equivalent beer store on Broadway and Blenheim. Absolutely annihilate the Government stores on selection, they carry more than just the Bud, Pilsner, Smirnoff and Naked grape.

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    1. re: addy_palmer

      I apologise for posting something positive about LCB and putting you in a position where you feel you have to defend a clip joint like Liquor Barn.

      1. re: Sam Salmon


        I haven't been in Vancouver since May, but isn't the Alberni Street store still open? Bute near Davie seems like a trek from downtown, and the Alberni Street store is still listed on the LDB's web site.

        1. re: robinsegg

          The Alberni location has moved one block to Alberni & Bute (instead of Thurlow)

          1. re: islandgirl

            Thanks for the clarification, Island Girl - I was thinking about the store up by Davie. I'm with Sam - the old store was pretty dark.

        2. re: Sam Salmon

          hey Sam i was in there very,very briefly the other day so didn't poke around but am wondering how is it different from the previous incarnation around the corner?

          1. re: vandan


            Better lighting/clearer displays-I always found the 'old store' too dark.

      2. I've shopped there a couple times and sadly it seems that they're devoting even less space to craft beer than before :( I don't know how they can call it a Signature Store(!!!) because Cambie St. location has way more selection.

        1. I was disappointed in it. It's bright and new but the selection of premium booze is noticeably smaller than what they had at Alberni/Thurlow.

          I gather this is a reflection of the LCB's decision to push the mass market stuff even more.

          1. The selection at the Bute location is significantly worse which makes the fact that you can see it better all the more depressing.

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            1. re: Cancuk

              Point Grey beer and wine is expanding! more awesome beers to be brought in I admit their selection isn't up to par with Brewery Creek's but they are striving towards that and have a lot of obscure awesome gems of beer. !!! all hail Point Grey Beer and Wine

              1. re: addy_palmer

                I like that store too, and I can walk there which is great for me and the environment :-).

            2. Are you kiddin' me? Liquor Bar constantly hs AMAZING sales and long weekend specials. Are you sure it's the Liquor Barn chain you are referring to? I'd chose them over the BC stores anyday!

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              1. re: eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife

                Yes Liquor Barn on #3 Rd in Richmond-a clip joint extraordinaire if ever there was one.

                One small example of out and out gouging-Gray Monk Rotberger

                Winery price-$15.99

                LCB price-$15.99

                Liquor Barn #3 Rd Richmond BC price as of late July $20.99!!!

                I think their tacky/flashy flier has put stars in your eyes-look @ the everyday prices-they are extortionate.

                1. re: Sam Salmon

                  Gotta agree with Sam on this one. I was surprised at the huge markup there.