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Jul 20, 2010 08:28 PM

Save my benefit cookout

I relocated to a midwestern small town and joined the fundraising committee of a local non-profit. We had a fundraiser cookout last week and did it their way, selling burgers, grilled pork chops and brats. The trouble is that these items are available at at least four other establishments in town and not interesting enough to draw anybody to our location. We got killed - 14 hours in 90 degree heat for about $100 profit.

We have another cookout coming up. I'd love to add some signature item to the menu that we can advertise the heck out of. It has to be grilled, delicious sounding but not too exotic for local palates, not require too much grocery expense, and be simple enough for unskilled volunteers to execute with my guidance.

Quite a challenge, but I'd appreciate any thoughts. (I'd love to do grilled corn with Mexican and ancho/honey butter options, but we need an entree idea)

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  1. Hi Cathleen. I tried this one during a cook out party last summer. Misono Kebab... Put some Slices of Misono on a stick. In between insert prawns, then tomato, then bell pepper. This depends on how you want it to look. To add color, you can also add a slice corn on the edge of the stick. Brush a bit of olive oil on each side then grill. A dash of salt and pepper to taste. I have this recipe from my own DIY Cookbook. Hope you like it, Have a nice day.

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        +1. don't know how we're supposed to know how to answer without this info.

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          Look at the OP's posting history - perhaps that will provide a rough idea of which part of the "midwest" this is taking place. Perhaps a far flung 'burb?

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            The OP has been asked several times to be more specific and has not chosen to. Her one follow-up reply, downthread, was even less forthcoming, not addressing her opinion of any of the suggestions thus far. If due to her silence she misses out on some good ideas, it's her loss. You shouldn't have to consult a profile or posting history to respond to a question - the OP should have the courtesy and forethought to include the salient details in his/her post.

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              I'm just saying it may help if you are so inclined to look. Was not intending to be sarcastic or snippy in tone in any way.

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                Didn't think you were. ;-) I sort of am, toward folks who want suggestions without giving 'hounds any basic parameters.

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                  We all come to the list with different expectations. It's not one size fits all.

                  The question is an interesting one and I've benefitted from all the ideas myself. May be able to use them down the road.

      2. Big stuffed baked potatoes with a choice of toppings? If you microwave ahead of time, so they are chilled but 3/4 cooked beforehand, it won't take too long to brush them with oil and grill to finish them and crisp them up. Hint - so the spud will be fluffed when you cut it open, when it is finished cooking, throw it down onto a counter or table once or twice before opening it.

        1. I think chicken wings are fiendishly good when they are grilled. Costco has those 10# bags of frozen fiery wings. Thaw those (they are already cooked so you don't have to worry about killing anyone) and grill them until they get good grill marks on each side. You could grill 6 of them arranged side by side with 2 skewers through them (pretty presentation). Serve them with a mustard dip and a bleu cheese dip. Offer a killer death melt hot version and dare people to order it. Take pictures of them if they survive to submit to the local newspaper as a human interest piece. Have some kind of small award to give them, like a button. Do something that would generate buzz. Make them wear a crown. Made out of Tabasco bottles.

          1. Oh, what about beer butt chicken? I think people have heard of it but haven't tried it and that might create buzz. And it's good.

            Edit: And personally, there is nothing I like better than a good grilled romaine caesar salad. Seriously.

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              Cornish game hens with 6oz juice cans up their butts. It's a whole bird per person (easier to sell and eat with hands, and cute) and faster than a regular chicken. Dry rub first, any kind of fruit juice, 350-400 or medium grill on indirect heat, 45-60 min.

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                I love beer can chicken. DH does it on the grill all the time! Very moist bird!!!!