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Jul 20, 2010 08:16 PM

Applewood in Park Slope - Fantastic

Since my wife and I began dining in earnest around NYC over five years ago, we've compared every restaurant to the best place we ever ate, which is Hearth. Until tonight, every place has fallen short. Applewood is now tied for our favorite meal of all time.

The evening began with bread baked fresh in house with three spreads: French butter, a lentil and bacon mousse, and what I want to say is a rhubarb and cream cheese spread, but I think I'm remembering it wrong. The pork belly appetizer was succulent, and the celery root and apricot sauce were the perfect accompaniments. The squid salad was exquisite as well, with a clean and crisp, yet full, round taste. The wreckfish was perfectly cooked and flavorful throughout. And the lamb was prepared to a perfect pink with a deep, earthy ragout. The desserts, a chocolate and butterscotch pudding with a pistachio biscotti and and lemon raspberry cake with ice cream, were the perfect end.

I've seen comments about poor or rude service; ours was fast and friendly. To the comments I've seen around about small portions, I'm a pretty big eater, and I was full after the appetizer and entree. After the dessert, I was stuffed. Again, this is one of our two top restaurant picks in six years of dining. Highly recommended.

501 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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