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Jul 20, 2010 07:49 PM

Devi or Tamarind for Restaurant Week Lunch?

I'm thinking about trying Devi or Tamarind for Restaurant Week lunch. Any strong feelings for or against either place? I have never tried either because I am usually wary of high-end/fusion Indian cooking---Saravana Bhavan, Minar, Madina, and Southern Spice are my usual haunts. I lived in Tamil Nadu, South India, for a year about 16 years ago and have been hooked on Indian food (from all regions) since. I fear regretting putting the down the $24.07 when i could have just gone a few blocks away for an excellent meal.


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  1. I went to Devi a few years ago for RW dinner. I thought it was very good. Nothing traditional about it, very elegant food in somewhat small portions. Drinks and service were also good. My partner is Indian and he enjoyed it, if that helps. Don't expect anything familiar and you'll be fine.

    1. I've always liked Devi. However, Chef Hemant Mathur, who had been there since it opened, left in June to open his own restaurant. There are new owners and a new chef. I have not heard anything about the current quality of the cuisine. Until I hear reports from people whose opinions I trust, I'm steering clear.

      I've not been to Tamarind in ages.