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Jacques Imo's tomato creole sauce

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Need to know how they make this to complete the Shrimp and Alligator Cheesecake. I am able to find the cheesecake recipe, but not the sauce. Making it for a theme party this weekend.


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  1. Creole sauce is just a marinara sauce thickened with roux (although the Commander's Palace recipe uses cornstarch). There are plenty of recipes online. Here's one:


    1. here is creole cooking's authority, john folse, on the creole tomato sauce: http://www.jfolse.com/recipes/stocks_...

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        major bookmark for that site. Thanks A.

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          Creole sauce without roux? I'm just old fashioned, I guess. John Folse's recipe looks like a typical marinara with cayenne pepper to me (nothing wrong with that -- I've made it that way a few times when I was lazy, but would not serve it to friends as shrimp creole). And no bell peppers? Doesn't seem right.

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            shrimp creole is a different animal. of course you wouldn't serve tomato creole sauce to friends as shrimp creole!

            also, note that "creole tomatoes" are a variety of tomatoes. http://www.labellecuisine.com/archive...

        2. dkupersmith, is this photo of the alligator cheesecake with creole tomato sauce the one you seek from jacques-imo's cafe? http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/mhrW9O...

          that looks like -- looks like -- a remoulade-y kind of sauce.