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Jul 20, 2010 03:26 PM

Wine plus beach in Oregon?

My husband and I are planning a quick getaway soon, and leaving our son in Portland with his grandparents and then embarking from there. I would love to do some Oregon Pinot tasting, but my husband wants to stay at the beach, and drive from there to visit some wineries a few days. I've searched the board and haven't seen any threads that touch on this combination of beach plus wine. Is this do-able? My husband grew up in Portland but we live in the Northeast now so we're not familiar with which wineries would be best and most accessible from the coast. Any itinerary, winery, lodging suggestions would be most appreciated. I realize that some driving will be involved, but we'd rather not move hotels each night. Will continue combing the archives, thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Hi newmama,

    Personally, this would take more driving than I would try to squeeze in to a short trip to the coast near Portland, but maybe you are more ambitious. Most of the wineries are in the Willamette Valley south of Portland, which is about 60-90 minutes inland no matter which road you take. This map will give you a sense of the geography, and it's a decent planning tool:

    An alternate to consider is staying in Manzanita, which has a good wine bar (Vino Manzanita) and is a favorite coast destination among Portlanders. There's also a nice bakery/restaurant there (Bread and Ocean).

    If you're up for the driving, your best bet might be wine tasting in McMinnville and staying somewhere near Pacific City, Neskowin, or Lincoln City, which are about 2 hours from Portland via 99W/18/22. McMinnville is right in the middle of this route and you could do a lot of (really good) wine tasting near there, and there's a couple of great restaurants as well (Nick's and Thistle are my two favorites). I've never been to either Pacific City or Neskowin, so I can't help you there. Lincoln City is not the most beautiful place I've been on the Oregon Coast.

    You might also look at wine tasting close to Portland in Forest Grove and Gaston, which are fairly close to highway 26. This area isn't as dense with wineries as McMinnville, but Apolloni, Montinore, and SakeOne would be good choices. From there you could head out Highway 6 to the Tillamook Bay area, or 26 to the Cannon Beach/Manzanita area.

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      Thanks for the very helpful advice! I think we may take your suggestion about Manzanita - and now we're thinking maybe we will detour to a winery on the way from Portland to the beach, and then again on the day we drive back to Portland - but while we're at the beach, we'll just stay there. Does that sound better?

      The Neskowin/McMinnville plan also sounds very workable and maybe we will do that sometime when we have a longer trip. Other posts on this board recommended some condos called The Chelan in Neskowin that looked good.

      Bread and Ocean seems well loved on this board - lots of recommendations - so it sounds like a place we must go.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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        We were just in Newberg at The Allison Inn & Spa, we did wine tasting at Stoller Vineyards and loved their 2007 Pinot which we enjoyed with dinner last night at our beach cottage in Seaside. Manzanita is a very nice, quiet, coastal town. If you go to Seaside, check out Yummy Wine Bar, they serve excellent food and wine in a cozy, upscale ambiance. Enjoy the coast! :)

        1. re: newmama

          If you do the Neskowin plan later, reserve early for the Chelan, and ask for an upstairs unit. We go there every few months and the view of the ocean from the lower units is pretty much blocked by vegetation now. Just north of Neskowin is Pacific city. The Delicate Palate restaurant has excellent wines and great advice regarding pairings.

          Delicate Palate
          35280 Brooten Rd, Pacific City, OR 97135

      2. Oh fun! Two of my favorite things to do in Oregon. It's a lot of travel, but you'd be driving through some really lovely stretches of Oregon.

        You can head from Portland on 99W - which will take you through the main cut of the Willamette Valley (Dundee/McMinnville) and then on to 18 which will take you out to Lincoln City and Newport. Lincoln City and Newport are a bit more crowded than the northern coast towns, but this might be the easiest way to incorporate both your agendas.

        You could certainly drive out from Portland to the Manzanita/Cannon Beach area on 26 for a day or two and then hook back in land (heading south on 101 and then inland to the Willamette Valley for another night or two in the wine country.

        There are several hotels in McMinnville and Dundee, including furnished apartments in downtown McMinnville (Third Street Flats I'll be staying there in August and I'm very much looking forward to it.

        Restaurants to check out:
        Painted Lady (Newberg, fine dining, dinner only I think
        )Black Fish Cafe (Lincoln City, casual but fine dining)
        Cafe Otis (Otis, great breakfast)
        Nick's Italian Cafe (McMinnville, an institution. Awesome wood-fired pizzas, lunch & dinner)
        Dundee Bistro (Dundee, solid lunch option)
        Crescent Cafe (McMinnville, great breakfast, but they get BUSY)

        Nick's Italian Cafe
        521 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

        Dundee Bistro
        100A SW 7th St, Dundee, OR 97115

        Painted Lady
        201 S College St, Newberg, OR 97132