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Jul 20, 2010 03:24 PM

waterfront/south station area

a friend and I will be attending a concert at the bank of america pavillion soon, and I'm not very familiar with boston geography. We'll be taking the T in and getting off at South Station or Broadway and would like to eat around there before we walk along the waterfront to the venue. I will eat anything, but my friend prefers Thai or Vietnamese. Anything good and authentic around those parts? I know about South Station's proximity to Chinatown, but don't know whether or not there's any SE asian there. help me out! thank you.

also -- I am a vegetarian, and my friend does not eat red meat.

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  1. Xinh Xinh is a Vietnamese place in Chinatown I like a lot; it's an easy walk from South Station.

    Xinh Xinh
    7 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111