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Jul 20, 2010 01:32 PM

Oysters, crabs in Seattle

I'm flying from Denver to Seattle and meeting a few friends there for a long weekend in July. The plan: Eat as much seafood as possible, with an emphasis on half-shell oysters. We'd like some good crab too. And halibut, naturally.

Anyway, does anybody have any must-visits? We are staying in downtown Seattle and won't have a car.

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  1. I"ll be the first one to point you to Elliott's Oyster House for Happy Hour oysters.

    Elliott's Oyster House
    1201 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101

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      1. re: seattleviking

        Not to single out Seattleviking, but can we include Elliott's Oyster Happy Hour in a list of things that are just inherently put up on default for these things and not bring it up unless you have something else to add? Do we need to post about it for the 432nd time?

        Also up for inclusion: Salumi when asked about something "uniquely Seattle", The (not really a) Cuban sandwich at Paseo when asked about sandwiches, and Jade Garden when some one asks about dim sum (with that caveat, of course, that they should really drive up to Vancouver...)

        They're becoming the cliched and rote answers to these inquiries.
        Can we not try to come up with something a little more original and unique?

        Let's see.
        Brooklyn and Shuckers are nice alternatives downtown.
        While a little more expensive, and not as "waterfront-y" as Elliott's, I really like Shuckers. Great freshness and selection. The Brooklyn is similarly nice (and probably the #2 consensus oyster place in Seattle). I think they both do $1 oyster happy hour.

        I didn't like Flying Fish as much, i feel like I remember them not having as good of a selection. I'm sure Cutter's and Etta's have oysters too but I've never had them there.

        Anyone know about the oysters at Blueacre?
        Or Emmett Watson's? I've never actually been to Emmett Watson's, which I guess kind of surprises me being a Seattle guy. I guess I've always thought of it as a bit of a stodgy place, but I'm probably just ascribing the attributes of the man to his namesake.

        Flying Fish
        2234 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

        Jade Garden Restaurant
        7th S King S, Seattle, WA 98101

        309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          '...can we include Elliott's Oyster Happy Hour in a list of things that are just inherently put up on default for these things and not bring it up unless you have something else to add?'

          Not as long as this board continues to see one-time posters who don't spend the 5 minutes it takes to do a little searching, instead asking the same questions for the 432nd time, as in the latest example:

          1. re: Lets_eat

            Being “original” or “unique” isn’t the same thing as giving the best advice, even if the best advice has been given a zillion times before. I’ve contemplated creating a post captioned “My Top Five Recommendations for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner When Visiting Seattle.” Then, when someone asks the inevitable “I’m visiting Seattle for four days, where shall I eat?” I can just give them a link to that post, rather than prepare an individualized response. The other option, which is what I normally choose, is simply to ignore this type of request. How many times can you say the same thing unless, as GreenYoshi suggests, you have come up with a new favorite to recommend?

            1. re: Tom Armitage

              While you have a point, it would be useful if the poster of "I'm in town for five days- what do you suggest" followed up with a posting that said what they did, what they liked, what they didn't like and put it in the context of a New Yorker or a San Franciscan and maybe made a suggestion or two themselves. That would add value to the collective knowledge base.

              Now being from Cleveland originally....

              1. re: Tom Armitage

                And Tom, please do realize that post. We'd all enjoy it and benefit from it.

                1. re: Tom Armitage

                  I'll join you in this. Maybe we'll cal it "our top 5..."

                  1. re: mrnelso

                    I would support this post that you guys create or maybe even something of a wiki?

                2. re: Lets_eat

                  Oh for god's sake. How's this: Does anybody know where I can find some really killer, authentically Madagascarian kitoza in Belltown?

                    1. re: pitbossmgm

                      No. You'll have to drive to Vancouver. ;)

                    2. re: Lets_eat

                      I think you hit the nail on the head here. As an Orlando Resident I understand the frustration. How many people do you think we get with post that say "Need Downtown Disney Recs"

                      The problem with those one time posters may not be just not researching but wanting more up to date answers. Restaurants close, new ones open up, sometimes service starts to fall flat, or ownership changes and the food quality declines.

                      I think the greater Seattle board is more fast paced than our Florida board but one of the chowhounders came up with a post called guides for things that get asked a lot. These post are great because they are started by the chowhounds and not by an individual out of towner. Anytime there is a closure, or a new fabulous place it gets added. It's a good reference guide and has helped tremendously.

                    3. re: GreenYoshi

                      the oysters at Blueacre were great, though the sauces served with them didn't add much.
                      they were $1 each during Happy Hour.

                      1. re: GreenYoshi

                        Great points. I'd also like to add Puerco Lloron and Mee Sum Pastry as candidates for the knee-jerk response to "staying downtown-no car-Pike's Market-uniquely Seattle" inquiries.

                        To Tom's point I would say there is often more than one way to skin a cat, especially when considering factors of convenience and ambiance, even if there might be a singular concensus gold standard to suit a given desire. The oyster happy hour example is a good one. I have been into Elliott's three times and been unable to sit at that flippin' bar because it was just too crowded. So, if I'm Joe Kansas, what do I do? Providing a varied response, or pointing out what's beneath the radar--if not the absolute best quality option--enriches the general discussion with future search terms. Think about the way that Jonathan Gold typically responds to the "ask Mr. Gold" letters to the LA Weekly. Mix it up, I say.

                        To this end, Mistral Kitchen has a great $1 oyster offer during Happy Hour. They come with chef's choice toppings (good ones), but I don't see why they wouldn't do plain on request. When I went last week we got Kushi and Kumamoto instead of the more generic varieties that are usually fodder for the cheap deals. And their cocktails crush what Elliot's puts out, I'm sure.

                        Kushi Bar
                        2319 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

                        Mistral Kitchen
                        2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

                        1. re: equinoise

                          You know there is happy hour on that whole left side of the restaurant near the windows, and outside, right?

                          1. re: christy319

                            Yes. On the visits I mentioned, I couldn't get a seat anywhere that happy hour policy was in effect.

                    4. Has anybody tried the oysters at Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar? Is this place strictly a tourist attraction in Pike Place, or a quality oyster joint?

                      Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar
                      1916 Pike Pl Ste 16, Seattle, WA 98101

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                      1. re: Mike CP

                        Yes, my husband adores that place. Whenever we are in town, we hit it. He thought it beat Elliott's happy hour - price and taste-wise. I am not an oyster fan so I cannot give a true opinion. But hubby loves it and I like the down-to-earth atmosphere. We'll be there next week when we visit from Brooklyn.

                        1. re: nicholel

                          we used to go frequently, but it has been several years. would also be interested to hear if any of our local frequent posters think of Emmett Watson's