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Jul 20, 2010 11:49 AM

new bakery on webster, need the name and address

family just returned from a weekend in chicago. i stayed home to work.... lucky me. they brought back some pastries and bagettes from a new bakery on webster in lincoln park. thought i was back in paris. the croissant was absolutely deliciously flacky in your typical puff pastry way with a hint of what i thought was cognac, brandy or some liqueur. other pastries were also light , flacky and delectable. the bagette was a little heavy ,doughwise, but nice and crunchy and very flavorful. this bakery could make me move to the windy city. however , don't know the name or location. please help.

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  1. Floriole Cafe & Bakery
    1220 W. Webster Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60614

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      1. re: kpatick

        If you go there, Vanille Patisserie is also excellent, and it's just four short blocks west of Floriole. Try them both!

        Vanille Patisserie
        2229 North Clybourn Avenue
        Chicago, IL 60614-7553
        (773) 868-4574

      2. re: nsxtasy

        I went to Floriole yesterday, and posted my impressions in the pastry topic at Briefly, everything I tried was excellent!