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Jul 20, 2010 11:15 AM

New York Butcher Shoppe

coming to Cahaba Heights, Birmingha, AL

It sounds great! Is anyone familiar with this chain? Any recommendations?

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  1. I saw that (we live in the neighborhood). From the Web site it looks kinda like V Richards meets Langenstine's (in New Orleans)

    1. I spent some time in Greenville, SC where this franchise is based out of. I bought some of the best steaks I have ever put in my mouth from their store. They serve certified angus beef, and being a beef eater, that's about as good of quality you can get.They also have prepared meals to go that are all homemeade recipes and I have tried a couple of them. They were excellent. I'm glad to see they are coming to Birmingham.

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        While I know nothing about this butcher store and am anxiously awaiting their arrival, I do know that many of the requirements for beef to be "certified angus" have little to do with quality and that certified angus is really nothing more than marketing hype.

        To illustrate, one of the ten requirements is that certified angus beef can't be "dark cut". Dark cutting is slaughtering a cow that's in distress. It leads to spongy beef and I'm not aware of any distributors who put dark cut meat into the human food supply. Even by the angus peoples' own admission three of their ten requirements merely lead to "more consistent steak size" and not quality.

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          Although any responses are geared to general topics not Central South specific, more info on this topic can be found here:

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            Dax, thanks for the link. We had another one on the Dallas board a little over a year ago that was the reason behind my post here. Personally, I prefer a grass-fed, dry-aged steak. Being grass fed usually means it was raised in a field as opposed to a feed lot. I like the more intense, minerally flavor that comes from dry aging. Beyond that, I love well marbled beef.

            I don't care if this comes from an Angus cow or any grade given by a USDA inspector as long as it's not 4-D meat.

      2. The NYBS is a great chain. I have talked to both origiginal owners and they are so committed to quality! The franchise in Greensboro< NC is owned by Chris Ryan and serves the freshest meats, huge(really huge), deli sandwiches and prepared meals. Absolutely Great!
        Peanut Lady

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          The Cahaba Heights store opened today. Sign up for email updates at their Web site and you'll get a $5 off coupon. I look forward to checking it out.

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            Can't wait for your expert opinion on the place.

            1. re: Jannae

              It's nice to have a butcher shop so close to home (We're blessed, since Whole Foods is less than a mile from our front door, but we could walk to New York Butcher Shoppe -- then hit Sexton's for a great surf and turf meal).
              They definitely hype the Angus angle, but they also have some prime steak cuts for under $20/lb. Nice selection of lamb, OK selection of pork and the chicken is Ashley Farms, which is high quality.
              Interesting assortment of sandwich choices. They have some neat frozen ravioli choices and other frozen pasta, both non-dried cut pasta and filled pasta like manicotti. I got a prepared manicotti for my wife and it was pretty good (four with sauce and cheese for $5.99, so a decent price, too). They also sell some high-end sausages, both frozen and fresh.
              They just had a handful of produce. The wine shelves have not yet been stocked.
              Very nice people. Very customer oriented. I plan to stop back soon to get a steak to try out.

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                Great to hear about the prime options and other options. I noticed the store when I checked out Boho Burgers last week (pretty good, although I'm not sure they are worth the drive for me). With V. Richard's so close I rarely try other places but need to give this place a shot some weekend.

                1. re: Dax

                  I tried one of the sandwiches (Brooklyn with proscuitto, capacolla, genoa salami, etc;) It was substantial and good. Nice bread; choice of toppings. They have nine of their own deli sandwiches, plus a create-your-own option.
                  I also picked up a slab of baby-back ribs to cook for the Bama game. They turned out real good, too. Price was about $5.50/lb, and it came in a sealed bag. Next to try is one of the prime steaks, which are priced in the $17-$20/lb range.

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                    Do they have liverwurst? Where can you find liverwurst around here?

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                      Do you mean where to find it as opposed to the grocery store? Just about any deli counter will have liverwurst.