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Jul 20, 2010 10:22 AM

DC Food Lovers Coming to Monteal

We will be in Monteal in a few weeks and are looking for some suggestions about where to eat. We are planning on eating our fair share of Poutine and will be going to Au Pied de Cochon for a meal. We are some other foods/restaurants that are unique to Montreal that we should try? Good restaurants in general in Montreal?

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  1. Things you like/dislike ? ethnicity ? wine list important ? price ? ambiance ? adventurous ?

    Montreal is fun for small neighborhood bistro with "french-ish" cuisine.


    1. This thread might help:

      And this too, before it turns into a battle of the restaurants:

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        We went to Pied du cochon late Saturday night around 10:3O pm no reservations re poutine craving and just had a regular poutine and other had cod fritters, no beverage and found staff very friendly and courteous despite our small order (12$ for two!) sat at bar although table was offered. Waiter explained at our request preparation of duck in can as it was being served nearby.--and was devoured quickly! We were struck by how friendly and relaxed everyone is in this restaurant.

        1. re: wilmagrace

          APDC is fun like that, you can spend $20 a head or $100 a head for a meal depending on your mood. I find the waiters to be a bit too touchy-feeley friendly (although with the cute waitresses I don't really mind, funny how that works). Given my limited time in Montreal I find myself returning to sample everything on the menu, yet strangely if I lived here long term I don't feel like it would be a place I would regularly visit to to eat the same dishes many times. Anyway, for a first visit it is a Montreal landmark and a must.

          As Maximilien pointed out, one would need more specifics to be able to help you pick out other restaurants in a constructive manner.