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Jul 20, 2010 09:53 AM

ISO Lunch spot around Norwalk courthouse (today!)

I'm heading to the Norwalk courthouse today and need a quick lunch in the general area (I'll be going down the 605 from the 210 - anything chow-worthy in those environs?

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  1. Couple miles east (take the 5fwy exit Rosecrans) is Renu Nakorn.

    El Guero Tacos on Firestone (go south on San Antonio from the courthouse) offers up good Mexican fare, stuff like cows head tacos and buche. Good taco sauce too.

    There's also a Tommy's south on Pioneer ... only if you're desparate. But if you really want a burger, better bet is the Habit in that shopping center north of the courthouse.

    1. Oh man, I got stuck with jury duty out there a few years - it's pretty bleak! I'm afraid I can't give you recs (I spent my breaks at Starbuck's) - but you have my sympathy!

      1. Hey Oracle,

        You should try El Bukanas. They bill themselves as “le Catedral De Los Mariscos”. A fair self-assessment, I would say. Wonderfully fresh seafood prepared and served in the Nayarit/Sinaloa tradition. Fabulous botanas (seafood platters), grilled whole fish (pescado zarandeado), delectable smoked marlin tacos, nice beer and fresh juice selection, great service and a lot more. What more can I say?

        El Bukanas
        11583 Lower Azusa Rd.
        El Monte, CA 91732
        About 1.5 mi. west of 605 Fwy
        (626) 443-2451