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Jul 20, 2010 09:44 AM

Maize Cantina in Commack: Gone!!

From their Facebook page:

a visitor: "My...just stopped in tonight to get our pupusa fix and found out that Maize Cantina is no more!! Chef Merida what happened?!?!?"

from Maize Cantina: " Just wanted to thank everyone for supporting our vision and hard work. We sold the Cantina to move on to other ventures over the Hudson. Always remember that life is a fiesta. Eat a taco and enjoy a margarita.

Maize Cantina
1141 Jericho Tpke # 1, Commack, NY

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    1. re: Scott_R

      Whoa thanks for the heads up, I was planning a trip to that area and had take out on my mind. Oh well.

    2. Noooooo! I loved this place. I'm so sad.

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      1. re: synergy

        tried to go there last night and found it shuttered! We were so disappointed. I was in the mood for their white peach sangria.

      2. The owner of the place was commuting from NJ and found it too difficult. New owners will be taking over with a new name.


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        1. re: Fred19

          oh gosh, was just made aware of this by a friend today...she said she called to go there and was told they just sold it--but according to here, it's been sold since July...what a loss..really liked this spot..went there on the way to Riverhead or if I was at the Deer Park outlets. Has anyone been to the Latin Restaurant that replaced it..their menu looks pretty good, although no prices.

          It's called Perfecto Mundo