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Sunday brunch in Old Montreal

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Early August visit, ideally on terrasse, walking distance from where we're staying, Hotel Place D'Armes. Asking too much?

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  1. I stayed one night (the night of my Canadian wedding reception) with my husband at the Hotel Place D'Armes. It was...okay.

    Anyway, I don't have any suggestion for Old Montreal brunch places, but a nice stroll around should fill in any gaps for you.

    1. Le Cartet is walkable (about 4 blocks?) and offers a solid brunch

      Le Cartet
      106 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

      1. My friend told me she recently had a surprisingly enjoyable meal at Jardin Nelson. They're known for their terrasse and their crepes. I haven't been there myself.


        Le Cartet is nice but I don't think they have a terrasse.

        1. Suite 701, which is in your hotel has one of the nicest terrasses in the city! I'm not sure they have a sunday brunch but if they do just take the elevator to the roof. Cartet, Holders are both great but no terasse. Unfortunately everything else around are tourist traps.

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            Vallier, at 425 McGill also has a good brunch, and a few tables on the sidewalk,
            I think Cartet had a few tables outside also.

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              We had brunch last weekend at l'arrivage 2nd floor restaurant of archeology museum and it was busy. We didnt have reservations unlike most people so had to wait 15 minutes for balcony table outside (they did offer inside tables but we wanted view of old port and activities) it was well worth the wait. They have the usual variety of breakfast dishes with special extras added, suggest you try the breakfast special which includes variety of dishes+coffee, dessert but there is also fish, dish of the day, pasta dish. I had the omelette with duck confit etc and found it too heavy, the special breakfast ordered by partner was much better. Service was slow at our table but otherwise very pleasant place for brunch. Soup or salad was included with all dishes and my sweet potato soup was delicious.


          2. I'm resurrecting this thread because I was at Le Cartet (first time) a few weeks ago, intending to try the famous brunch menu that so many have raved about in reviews and on this forum. Unfortunately it was a week day and I didn't realize that their brunch menu was only offered over the weekend, to my disappointment. What I had instead was a really terrible lunch experience foodwise! Perhaps I just made some bad decisions in ordering or maybe this is really a "brunch only" kind of place, but it was a big letdown. I had an overcooked bison burger that tasted like it came out of a box in the frozen aisles of the supermarket. Now I know bison is not really a gamey meat, but all I could distinguish from this sandwich was the hard, chewey indiscernible taste of meat cooked well beyond it's fit. It was served on an oversized and overbearing roll at least two times the diameter of its hockey puck filling, with a side of homemade fruit ketchup. The latter made it palatable to some degree, if you enjoy eating large bread rolls with sweet fruit spreads because that is exactly what it tasted like. With it came a salad as incompetently prepared as I've ever seen. Dare I say, one of the worst I've had in a restaurant. In fact, it was little more than lettuce with oil. Oh I forgot to mention that the $20 burger came with two slivers of a potato, easily the best part of the meal.

            Now the menu looked like it had some interesting homemade pasta dishes and sandwiches, but I'm reluctant to give them another shot. I will be back to try their brunch eventually, perhaps this Sunday. Are the other non-brunch menu selections worth sampling or was I just unlucky and went at the wrong time and on the wrong day? Should I stick to brunch or give Le Cartet another shot and if so, is there anything they do particularly well or is it really more a sandwich spot when not visting for Sunday brunch?

            Le Cartet
            106 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

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              i went once and didnt find it all that special, just a regular brunch and although animated on weekends it was too noisy, crowded for my tastes, hard to hear table partners. It was fun to try as a new place but none of us have thought of returning.
              Have you tried cluny bar for lunch during week, its not far from le cartet just to west in etech area; I have gone there twice for lunch and liked it very much, everything is prepared as they await the lunch crowd and found it relaxing to talk, look at the magazines. It is kind of hidden and not open weekends.