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Jul 20, 2010 09:21 AM

Asian Market in Brooklyn?

Hi, I'm looking for a market that sells a good selection of vietnamese/thai ingredients in Brooklyn. I live in Prospect Heights but I have a car. Any recommendations appreciated!

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  1. I usually go down to Sunset Park for this. Hong Kong supermarket has a pretty good supply of vietnamese and filipino items, including some of the south east asian herbs like thai basil, laksa leaf, etc. and galangal, pandan leaf etc in the freezer. The Great Wall on Fort Ham Parkway also has good stuff and a better produce selection, but I dont think quite as many SEA specialty groceries. All of the bigger produce markets and some of the smaller stock lemon grass, some have green papaya but not green mango

    Patel Grocery on 4th Ave has green mango, frequently

    Specifically for Thai I would head into Manhattan Chinatown for the Thai grocery on Mosco or the South East Asian Market on Mulberry, so. of Canal.

    Patel Grocery
    5303 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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      Many thanks! Those sound like great resources. I'm going to check out the Hong Kong supermarket tomorrow.

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        Enjoy! HK is a little funky but an interesting place to browse for unusual stuff.
        As I said, better produce at other places. their parking lot is crazy - you may have luck parking on 61st between Ft Ham and 8th, next to the railroad cut. Not nice, but sometimes there is parking there. dont go on the weekend, its nuts. There is another big asian market on 8th around 64th street, across the railroad cut, dont remember the name,

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          The big place across the railroad cut is Fei Long Supermarket. If you can stand it or go at off-peak hours, Fei Long has better produce than HK and a much more comprehensive selection of groceries than anywhere else in the neighborhood (including HK and Great Wall), but it's often insanely and unpleasantly crowded and chaotic. I can't comment too specifically on the Vietnamese/Thai ingredients at any of these places because I'm usually looking for Chinese groceries, but I've bought SE Asian basics like fish sauce, Thai basil and fresh thai chili peppers at all of them.