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Jul 20, 2010 09:08 AM

Good Corn Baltimore

Has anyone found a store that sells really good white corn? I know the supermarkets sell it but I haven't been too impressed with the taste. Obviously that is to be expected. Also seeing a lot of bi- colored corn, which just doesn't do it for me. The corn I have bought in Baltimore so far has been rather tasteless and/or chewy. I know there is the farmers market but wondering if there is a good produce stand or market that has it. The best white corn I have had this year was from a roadside stand in New Jersey. Absolutely fantastic.

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  1. Family Affair in Catonsville has been recommended to me as having great corn this year. Not bad if you're on the south side of the city.

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      Off the main drag, but Baughers, off Rt. 103 on New Cut Road in Ellicott City has great corn this year.

    2. In Baltimore County, Huber's farm market is pulling wonderful Quick Silver and moving onto Silver queen shortly. They have locations on Route 7 _ Philadelphia Rd and on Route 1 - Bel air Rd.

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        Nobody grows Silver Queen anymore. It's been superseded by newer longer-lasting varieties.

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          Right you are Hal Laurent, Baugher's quit growing Silver Queen years ago in favor of something I can't remember because they felt the new variety had superior taste, among other attributes. I've had good bi-color corn here in MD, really I think if you find a good
          roadside stand that grows it's own corn, give it a try. Likely it was picked that day and is tender and sweet, no matter what the color(s). No one at the Howard County Farmer's market claims to have Silver Queen any more either. Someone this week had something called Silver Ice, but I didn't try it. Don't go to a grocery store unless you have absolutely NO other choice, even if you have to drive a little bit it is absolutely worth it for fresh corn. Who knows how long it sits at a grocery store. Ugh.

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            OK, we got some more corn from Baughers (the Ellicott City one) yesterday and it was kind of tough. I have heard some complaints about some other HoCo produce stands in the past week, guessing the weather we've had lately is affecting the corn. Good peaches, tho.

      2. Where are you seeing lots of bi-color? That's my favorite -- the all white varieties have always struck me as one dimensional.

        1. Richardson Farms on Ebenezer road East of rt. 40 has had the earliest and best 'white' sweet corn of the season. Harvested daily behind thier indoor market..

          1. Just had some really nice white corn from One Straw Farm this past week that I picked up at the Tuesday market at Kenilworth in Towson.