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Dinner Eastham to Provincetown

We have are on vacation and have not had a chance to go out and eat without our daughter in the last 20 months. Friday we are getting that chance! We are looking for a place that is nice but not too fancy and a place that would take reservations would be great too but not a must. Fun places are ok too. Thanks!

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  1. We went to Mac's in Wellfleet last week and thought it was outstanding, if pricey. New American seafood I guess is what you'd call it. I had the chowder, which was extraordinary and lobster crepe which was also delicious. It would have been perfect if we hadn't been sitting under a slightly leaky tent in the pouring rain. They do have a limited kids' menu, btw, but congrats on getting out of the house without any.

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      And just a block from Mac's (I haven't been there yet) is Bookstore and Restaurant (it's more a restaurant than a bookstore) is very good and comfortable. Don't know if they take reservations or not.

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        Definitely Mac's Shack! It's a cool, fun spot with great food. I do not find it pricey.

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          Havent been there but heard good things about Macs-not Macs shack on the pier.I was a bit dissapointed with Macs Shack on the pier.Our group tends to enjoy Finely JPs on rte 6 in Wellfleet(tell them you got this from the duck people).Also enjoyed Catch of the Day for the second year in a row(had the swordfish)

          Macs Shack
          91 Commercial St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

    2. I also like Winslow's Tavern in Wellfleet Center. If you are there on Friday nights, there is live jazz upstairs from 8:30-11:00! Food is very well prepared with top quality ingredients.

      Winslow's Tavern
      Main, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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        what happened at Macs, Daver? Go to PB Boulangerie for treats...to go..the bistro is pricey..

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          nothing horrible-we ate outside right on the pier which was nice for us(wife and 2 kids).We werent crazy about the Kale Soup and Clam Chowder-We miss Kadees Kale soup and have enjoyed chowder from other places more.My wife had a lobster roll-good but we like Friendly Fisherman more-I had fried shrimp(and the kale soup)_we found everything ok but compared to other places we like.We then had a sailboat ride to great island-very nice.

      2. As you have been dining with a child you might find Ptown restaurants are more adult oriented than Wellfleet. A board favorite is Front Street - you must call for reservations. As you will need parking, you might also consider Napi's- it has a parking lot. You'll need reservations there too.

        Front Street Restaurant
        230 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

        Napi's Restaurant
        7 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA 02657

        1. I also recommend Napi's in P-town, and even more, Blackfish in Truro. Blackfish is high-end for the Cape, but only slightly more expensive than a place like Macs, with much better results. Dress is casual (true for nearly all Cape restaurants) and reservations are accepted.

          Napi's Restaurant
          7 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA 02657

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            Hoping someone will review Jimmy's Hideaway this season..

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              I reviewed Jimmy's HIdeaway recently. I was there Memorial Day weekend. It was top notch.

          2. Thanks everyone! I think we are going to head out tonight, not Friday. Little change of plans. I will be sure to report back. Thank again!

            1. We just returned from Provincetown after having a delightful dinner at Napi's. We are from Northern CA and visiting my husband's relatives in Salem, MA. We came down to visit Cape Cod and relied on the various postings to find a good place for dinner. Many of the locations are still closed for winter and are not opening for a week or so, but Napi's was available. It has a warm and welcoming ambience and a large menu with something for everyone. David, our server, had some excellent and helpful suggestions for dinner selections. We particularly enjoyed the avocado spring roll as an appetizer (split between 4 diners). For entrees, my husband had the pan roasted salmon special, I had stir-fried scallops, hubby's uncle had stir-fried chicken and scallops and his aunt had crab cakes. All of our entrees were perfectly prepared. In fact, there were so many interesting choices that it was tough to make a decision.

              Napi's is not the typical fried fish place (which we also enjoy), but the food is fresh, perfectly prepared, and served in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. We heartily recommend it.